Buffalo wings are one of the food world’s great equalizers. Discover the world’s most expensive Wagyu steak, chef that up, put an eff-you price top top the dish, and also you can only hope to develop the same balance together a an excellent bar wing—the perfect combination of juicy meat, crispy skin, and tangy sauce in three-part harmony.

Wings accounting a location in the cumulative consciousness rivaled only by Thurman Thomas, Wendie Malick, and also the Goo Goo Dolls. They’re the factor a particular wing and Weck joint from Ohio grew huge enough come sling chicken in Panama, Vietnam, and the united Arab Emirates. Ns refer, of course, come Buffalo Wild Wings.

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And it is that an extremely franchise we’re pitting against grab-and-go challenger Wingstop in a battle for chicken soup supremacy. We pitted three old-school wings versus two new-wave choices and ordered part fries for the hell that it. Ref, ring that bell.




Lemon Pepper

Your much less enlightened bar gluttons will prevent the dry seasonings in favor of taking a juicy pilgrimage to Flavor nation with among ten thousands sauces. However dry-seasoned wings let the skin and meat shine v with lot of of extra flavor. Lemon pepper is another old-school seasoning, yet I already used my damaging Old Man bit for the last category.

Wingstop’s room a point of beauty—bright and also floral with substantial citrus notes and also a perfect tingle indigenous a generous mix of black color pepper. This to be (spoiler alert) by far my favorite Wingstop wing. I’m looking forward to throwing earlier a bunch that these v some lager in the really near future.

BWW’s, meanwhile, are method out that whack: an artificial-tasting potpourri the citrus without almost the cracked of pepper essential to appropriate the ship. No challenge here.

Verdict: Wingstop

Spicy korean Q (Wingstop)/Asian Zing (BWW) 

Chicken wing featuring the spices of Southeast asian cuisines room finally recording on with the large chains. Which is fantastic, because we cannot have actually this horseshit speak for middle America. Both of these offerings are constructed on a chili/garlic/ginger base v a touch of sweetness.

Wingstop again falls short by not tasting like lot of anything. The ginger, garlic, and chili seasonings were sad and also faded. They to be spicier 보다 the standard offerings, however not by a ton, and also they’re supposedly the second-spiciest point on the menu.

The BWW contender was much an ext vibrant—do a cooking squint and you’ll record some sambal character. The soy and also ginger came with really well, and also despite being one of the last wings the the day, castle felt compelling and delicious.

Mango Habanero

Chili heat, and one’s yongin for it, is a very an individual thing. Because that the spiciest offering of the day, we picked these because the habanero pepper is about the highest possible level the spice I have the right to enjoy when still being able to obtain some nuance and flavor out of the experience. After ~ that, it’s just tears and forehead sweat sans actual insight.

The BWW Mango Habanero wings achieve a great balance: sweet, sticky, contempt fruity, and also ablaze with vibrant chili heat. Castle punishing sufficient to eat because that the heat, yet flavorful enough to keep one coming back. These are an extremely nice wings.

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Wingstop requirements to fire your habanero purveyor. I had actually to check more than as soon as to make certain I hadn’t been given the wrong wing. I’ve never ever felt for this reason lied come by a push release. 

Verdict: Buffalo Wild Wings

Wild Card: Fries

Wingstop offers fries as component of their combo, so us figured what the heck, we’d stack those against each various other as well. Wingstop’s fries have some character—cut in-house at each location, follow to their website, and topped through their signature Cajun seasoning. That seasoning most absolutely has sugar in it because there’s a definite kettle-corn vibe to them. However it works!

BWW’s fries room textbook well-cooked, perfect fine skinless fries. However sometimes you need a little weird.

Verdict: Wingstop

Overall Winner: Buffalo Wild Wings

Dominating four out of 5 wing categories (and 4 out of six categories overall, if us toss fries in there), BWW take away the wings crown.