The chain is encouraged that its southern chicken sandwich and also Nashville hot Chicken sandwich deserve to beat Popeyes, Chick-fil-A, and everyone else.
Last July, a leaked email from a group of McDonald's franchisees revealed that they really want the fast food large to emphasis on one thing, and also one thing only: a chicken sandwich that would aid their restaurants far better compete v Chick-fil-A.

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“A favorite, the our client want, is a chicken sandwich. Unfortunately, they need to go come Chick-fil-A for it. Chick-fil-A’s results show the strength of chicken," the national Owners Association's board of directors wrote, including that the chicken sandwich should be your "top priority."

A month later, Popeyes introduced its very own chicken sandwich—the one that is currently only recognized as "The Sandwich"—and everyone shed their cursed minds. Client waited in line because that hours, overworked employees struggled to save up with demand, and the chain had to temporarily traction the item indigenous restaurant menus in order to number out how and when it could serve a sandwich come everyone who wanted one.

When the sandwich finally came back two months later, everyone was still hyped because that it: follow to Restaurant organization Online, that is return to be a "major reason" why Popeyes had a 38 percent boost in same-store sales during the fourth quarter of last year.

But in addition to straight-up clowning Chick-fil-A in what the net likes to speak to "The Chicken Sandwich Wars," the arrival of Popeyes' sandwich also overshadowed the arrival of Buffalo Wild Wings' two brand-new chicken sandwiches.

In April, Paul Brown, the president of that is parent firm predicted the its sandwiches were better than any other chain's. "The us tested is going to be much much better than anything the end there," the said prior to their launch. "That's the bar! ns think we're going to win."

Reader, they walk not win—but the executive chef of the chain is still encouraged that Buffalo Wild Wings' southerly chicken sandwich and also Nashville hot Chicken sandwich space the finest ones going.

"I tho think my chicken sandwich is method better," Jamie Carawan told company Insider. "I think the breading is much better and ns think our Nashville hot-chicken sandwich is something the is very flavorful, high-quality, and I think we're doing part really an excellent things there."

Although Carawan stated that Popeyes walk a "great job," he repeated the assertion the Buffalo Wild Wings to be serving the superior product. "I'd placed them up versus any other sports bar or any kind of other chicken sandwich for that matter," he said.

But honestly, what rather is that going come say? and Buffalo Wild wing is in a different category than Popeye's, Chick-fil-A, or McDonald's due to the fact that it's not fast food. (It's whereby you go to clock college basketball when you're recovering from a vasectomy.) In a previous call with investors, that positioned itself together a casual dining choice, making its very own comparisons to Cracker Barrel, Red Robin, Texas Roadhouse, and the like.

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Its identity, the branding, and even its cursed name also make that sound prefer it serves wings, and also wings just (although that cringe collaboration with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony reminded everyone that it additionally has boneless versions). has reached the end to Buffalo Wild wing for discuss its chicken sandwich, that reception, and also how it influenced same-store sales. In the meantime, if it really desires to increase traffic, perhaps the