You have to be in search of a Buffalo Wild wing restaurant close to your home and planning to go there. This is simply the location you must be.

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As the name suggests, Buffalo Wild Wings food selection is mainly well-known for the chicken wings. Apart from the wings, they likewise serve appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, sides, and also desserts top top the menu.

So in this article, I will certainly tell girlfriend the recent Buffalo Wild Wings menu with prices. Except the prices, girlfriend will additionally tell friend the franchising information, contact details, and the nutritional details of every the items current on the Buffalo Wild wings menu.

But first, let’s inspect out the history of Buffalo Wild Wings.

History of Buffalo Wild Wings

The brand Buffalo Wild wings (also well-known as BW3) was started by Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery in 1982. Castle both determined to open up their an initial store as soon as they failure to uncover a location to eat Buffalo-style chicken wings. They opened up their an initial store in Ohio State University, Columbus and also in the initial days, the firm was well-known as Buffalo Wild wing & Weck.

Due come the lack of experience of both Disbrow and also Lowery, they made decision to lug a third partner note Lutz within the 6 month of the launch. Native then, the agency began come skyrocket as they controlled to open up stores in Ohio, Indiana, and Steamboat Springs, Colorado.In 1992, the firm started working through a Chicago-based regulation firm called Francorp and they started to administer franchise opportunities. And also by 1992, the agency had the headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. Adhering to this, they opened 8 more stores in Ohio.

Disbrow appointed a part-time cook financial officer, Sally Smith. The main reason to lug her come the company is to deal with issues v lenders and also the inner revenue service and also a potential bankruptcy because of existing finances. As result of all these issues, the firm had revenue that $12 million with a ns of $1.6 million.

During the time, Buffalo Wild wing was thought about a college sporting activities bar. Yet to solve this and change the brand’s picture from a college sporting activities bar to a casual dining restaurant, the company designed a ide that fully separated the bar indigenous the dining area. This new concept totally changed the picture of Buffalo Wild wings in the public’s eye.

By this time, BW3 had a complete of 48 locations and 12 that them were corporate-owned. In the following year, the brand opened 35 brand-new locations and in the very same year, blacksmith was supported to president and CEO and also Disbrow ended up being chairman the the board.

Since the brand to be marketing itself under two different names under two various markets (BW3 and Buffalo Wild Wings), in 1998, because of some marketing conflicts, the agency decided to industry itself under one name, that was Buffalo Wild Wings.

They opened up their 100th location in 1999. Because of the unstoppable development of the brand, it managed to generate $150 million with simply 140 locations. There was no one protecting against Buffalo Wild wings at that time. They also partnered with Frito-Lay in 2001 because that its to exclude, branded potato chips.

But unfortunately, Disbrow died in October 2002. By the finish of 2003, the agency had 211 locations in 27. In the following year, Buffalo Wild wings went public and also raised over $51 million. The chain has likewise invested in PizzaRev upscale pizza restaurant and owned a Taco chain referred to as Rusty Taco. They later renamed it R Taco.

In November 2017, accumulate Brands (which owns brands prefer Arby’s, Baskin-Robbins and also Sonic Drive-In) obtained Buffalo Wild Wings and also R Taco for a lining $130 million. Later R taco was change the name to its initial name Rusty Tacos.

Till now, the brand has over 1,280 stores. Due to the fact that its success in the unified States, Buffalo Wild wings has always planned to increase its brand overseas. For this reason they opened their shop in Canada, India, Mexico, Oman, Panama, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, united Arab Emirates, and also Vietnam.

Buffalo Wild Wings menu Prices


Buffalo Wild wing is famous for your for your Buffalo-style chicken wings that room served in addition to over a dozen sauces, as well as a enhance of other items such as chicken tenders and legs. There are about 26 different flavours that wings.

But besides chicken wings, there are a bunch of other food options easily accessible as well choose burgers, wraps, salads, desserBuffalo Wild wing menu includes appetizers, burgers, tacos, salads, and desserts. Over there are separate sections for children as well.

If friend are arranging a party, climate BWW also takes orders for parties as well.

Some people think that their Chicken Wings are the ideal all over America because of the mix of crispy skin, succulent meat, and tasty seasonings from the sauce to the meat. I’ve reviewed your wings below in this article

All the Buffalo Wild Wings menu prices are additionally worth paying because that enjoying the relaxing mix of food, beer, and sports with your family and friends. Your prices are additionally comparable come the other chains in a similar market. Girlfriend can acquire 10 pieces of chicken wings through fries at a minimal expense of $10.

So without wait more, let’s view the latest food selection of Buffalo Wild Wings v prices.

Wing BundlesWing BundlesPrice
10 Boneless wings + Fries$9.99
20 Boneless wings + Fries$18.99
Blazin’ challenge at Home$12.49
20/20 soup Bundle$39.99

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Wings & TendersWings & TendersPrice
6 classic Wings$8.49
10 traditional Wings$12.49
15 timeless Wings$17.49
20 classic Wings$21.49
30 classic Wings$30.99
6 Boneless Wings$7.49
10 Boneless Wings$10.49
15 Boneless Wings$14.99
20 Boneless Wings$18.99
30 Boneless Wings$27.99
Traditional & Boneless Combo$18.49
Small Cauliflower Wings$8.99
Large Cauliflower Wings$15.99
Party 50 classic Wings$50.99
Party 100 timeless Wings$101.49
Party 150 classic Wings$150.99
Party 50 Boneless Wings$45.99
Party 100 Boneless Wings$91.49
Party 150 Boneless Wings$135.99
3 Hand-Breaded Tenders$8.99
5 Hand-Breaded Tenders$10.49
3 nude Tenders$8.99
5 naked Tenders$10.49
Lunch CombosLunch CombosPrice
Boneless Wings having lunch Combo$8.00
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Wrap having lunch Combo$8.00
Street taco Lunch Combo$8.00
Chicken Caesar Salad having lunch Combo$8.00
All-American Cheeseburger lunch Combo$10.00
Southern Chicken Sandwich having lunch Combo$10.00
3 item Hand-Breaded Tenders lunch Combo$10.00
Smoked Brisket Sandwich having lunch Combo$12.00
Chopped Cobb Salad lunch Combo$12.00
Fried Pickles$7.29
Mozzarella Sticks$7.29
Cheddar Cheese Curds$9.79
Beer-Battered Onion Rings$8.29
French Fries$5.29
Potato Wedges$5.79
Everything Pretzel Knots$7.29
House Sampler$14.29
Hatch Queso$6.79
Street Taco$5.79
Chicken Quesadilla$8.29
Asian Zing Cauliflower Wings$8.99
Buffalo Mac & Cheese$10.99
Ultimate Nachos$8.79
Chips and also Salsa$4.79
Chili Con Queso$7.79
Dirty Dubs Tots$10.79
Buffalo Chicken Tots$10.79

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All-American Cheeseburger$11.29
Cheese Curd Bacon Burger$12.29
Avocado Bacon Burger$13.79
Buffalo smoke Burger$12.29
Southwestern black Bean Burger$11.29
Smoked Brisket Burger$14.29
Bacon Smashed hatch Chile Burger$13.29+
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich$11.29
Southern Chicken Sandwich$11.29
Nashville warm Chicken Sandwich$11.29
Southwest philly Cheesesteak$11.29
Grilled Chicken Chicken society Sandwich$11.29
Smoked Brisket Sandwich$11.79
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Wrap$9.79
Grilled Chicken Buffalitos$9.29
Classic Chicken Wrap$9.79
Pepper Jack Steak Wrap$10.79
Brisket Street Tacos$10.79
Buffalo Wedge Salad$12.99
Chopped Cobb Salad$11.29
Chicken Caesar Salad$9.79
Hand-Breaded Tenders$5.99
Mac & Cheese$5.99
Boneless Wings$5.99
Traditional Wings$5.99

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Sides & ExtrasSides & ExtrasPrice
French Fries$3.49
Beer-Battered Onion Rings$5.49
Potato Wedges$3.79
Cheddar Cheese Curds$5.79
Mac & Cheese$3.99
Chip and also Salsa$4.79
Garden side Salad$4.29
Carrots & Celery$0.99
Bleu Cheese$0.60
Pico De Gallo$0.60
Hatch Queso$0.50
Southwestern Ranch$0.60
Bottled FlavorsBottled FlavorsPrice
Salt & Vinegar Seasoning Bottle$5.49
Lemon Pepper Seasoning Bottle$5.49
Sweet BBQ Bottle$5.49
Teriyaki Bottle$5.49
Mild Bottle$5.49
Parmesan Garlic Bottle$5.49
Honey BBQ Bottle$5.49
Medium Bottle$5.49
Chipotle BBQ Seasoning Bottle$5.49
Spicy Garlic Bottle$5.49
Asian Zing Bottle$5.49
Caribbean Jerk Bottle$5.49
Buffalo Seasoning Bottle$5.49
Jammin Jalapeno Bottle$5.49
Thai Curry Bottle$5.49
Hot Bottle$5.49
Mango Habanero Bottle$5.49
Wild Bottle$5.49
Desert warm Seasoning Bottle$5.49
Signature Bloody Maty Mix$7.19
Southwestern Ranch Bottle$5.49
Chocolate Fudge Cake$5.79
New-York layout Cheesecake Slice$5.79
Loaded ice cream Cream$2.29

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Buffalo Wild Wings an enig Menu

A lot of restaurants have their secret menu and Buffalo Wild Wings is among them. I’ve presented you the continual menu the Buffalo Wild Wings yet now, ns will present you the secret menu the Buffalo Wings the you can order by specifically asking because that it.

Since these items room on the an enig menu, you have to ask the staff particularly to get what girlfriend want. Over there aren’t plenty of options obtainable on the mystery menu that BW3 however all those options will be worth it when you bespeak them. 

1. Nude Tenders- Traditional crispy tenders room something the everyone likes. But these juicy and also grilled naked tenders v their timeless wings sauce is miscellaneous everyone should try.

2. Garlic Parmesan Wings- These garlic parmesan wings room for someone that doesn’t like traditional chicken wings. These wings are an ext cheesy and also creamy when contrasted to classic wings. This is due to the fact that of the different sauces provided in these wings.

3. Crispy Mini Corn Dogs- This appetizer is among the most delicious appetizers you’ll have. The reason why these corn dogs taste various is since of the mustard-infused spicy sauce.

4. Oriental Chicken Salad- There is a selection of Mexican-inspired food on the Buffalo Wild wings menu. But a few people know that you also order an Asian-inspired salad known as eastern Chicken Salad. This salad is a combination of new greens, sesame sauce and also pieces of chicken. This oriental Chicken Salad is a an excellent and healthy alternate to other chicken salads with a ton that mayonnaise.

5. Chicken Buffalitos- This recipe is a great combination of Mexican-American food. The is a taco filled with grilled chicken, pico de gallo, cheese and sour cream. This combination is offered with the really Buffalo Wild wing Sauce.

How come Order indigenous Buffalo Wild wing Online

Nowadays civilization love come order food online and you deserve to order food native Buffalo Wild Wings online by complying with the steps I’ve discussed below.

Go to the main website of Buffalo Wild Wings and find the keep nearest to you.After picking the nearest store, select the food the you want to order.Enter the attend to where you desire the food to be delivered and select the payment option.The very delicious food native Buffalo Wild Wings will certainly be delivered to you in ~ no time.

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This is just how you have the right to order hot and also delicious food native Buffalo Wild Wings with very little effort.