spend $10 or more on the acquisition of your favorite mouth-watering boneless wings, burgers, tenders, sandwiches, fries, and much more while friend enjoy complimentary Mozzarella Sticks. No Buffalo Wild wings promo code needed.
Price reductionFree Mozzarella Sticks
Minimum acquisition required$10

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Party platters such together party size traditional wings, party dimension boneless wings, tenders, cauliflower wings, and also more, beginning at $8.49, do parties even better. Shop virtual at Buffalo Wild wings to freckles up her party food.
Price reductionParty platters native $8.49

reap an explosive taste of flavor v the Doritos spicy sweet chili sauce on her wings, chicken wings, fried wings, boneless wings, and also more. You can order online at Buffalo Wild Wings currently with just $1 upcharge.
Price reduction$1 upcharge for Doritos sauce

Get enough for the whole squad. Shop because that wing bundles and enjoy home traditional wings or boneless and fries starting at $9.99 with no Buffalo Wild wing promo password required.
Price reduction$9.99+ bundles

buy an order of boneless wing from Buffalo Wild Wings and share with friends!
Price reductionBOGO free
Terms & conditionsLimited time pricing; restrictions may apply

Don"t miss out on out on Boneless Thursdays. To buy one boneless white chicken that has actually been delicately breaded and also cooked to perfection and also enjoy gaining one for free. No Buffalo Wild wings promo code is required.
Price reductionBOGO complimentary boneless wings
Minimum purchase required1

complete your day through the blazin’ wing at-home challenge. Order online at Buffalo Wild Wings now for 10 classic blazin’ Carolina reaper wings, and a scoop the vanilla ice cream cream for just $13.79.
Price reduction$13.79 spicy wings

sign up, check your information and also your birthday to enjoy getting cost-free wings on her birthdays. Gain that distinct day and also some complimentary wings v no Buffalo Wild wings promo code required.
Price reductionFree wings

start your meal with among the countless appetizers. Choose from a range of appetizers to start your meal as soon as you shop online at Buffalo Wild Wings because that sharable appetizers favor Chicken Wings, Fried Wings, Boneless Wings, fried pickles, street tacos, tots, and much more starting in ~ $6.
Price reductionShareable appetizers native $6

get the entirety family in ~ above the action when friend order because that the family XL soup bundle through 20 timeless + 20 boneless wings + fries for just $39.99. Enjoy that following football game with a delicious enjoy the meal from Buffalo Wild Wings.
Price reductionFamily XL soup bundle because that $39.99

gain a to explode of seasonings at residence or outside when girlfriend shop virtual at Buffalo Wild Wings for the Cauliflower wings starting at $9.49 v your preferred sides, veggies, sauce, and more.
Price reduction$9.49+ Cauliflower

purchase a vacation gift card worth at the very least $30 at any type of Buffalo Wild Wings place near you for a opportunity to get a $5, $15, $25 or $100 Blazin" Bonus coupon for free. Coupon redemption duration starts top top January 1 approximately February 28, 2022.
Price reductionGet up to $100 Blazin" coupon
Minimum acquisition required$30
Applicable toValid in-bar only

try our brand-new Buffalo Chicken Tots appetizer for just $12.99. It contains crispy tater tots, jar shredded chicken topped v our Buffalo seasoning, blue cheese crumble, medium buffalo sauce, pickled warm peppers, environment-friendly onion, and also ranch. Order it together with your Buffalo Wild wings favorites the you can enjoy at house or serve throughout parties.
Price reductionBuffalo Chicken Tots at $12.99

take it a bottle of magic v you ago home as soon as you shop virtual at Buffalo Wild Wings because that bottled flavored wing sauce. You have the right to shop because that the sweet bbq bottle, Nashville hot bottle, lemon pepper sauce, mild bottle, and more for her wings platter, party food, wings, and more starting at $5.49.
Price reductionFlavored wing sauce native $5.49

sign up for Blazin" Rewards to knife points every time friend dine through us or bespeak food online. Use it come redeem complimentary food, purchase merchandise, or win interesting prizes native VIP tickets, occasion passes, and more.
Price reductionFree food, win prizes and also more

gain the pregame before the main meal when you shop for her favorite appetizers like mozzarella sticks, fried pickles, home samplers, chips & dips trio, and an ext starting in ~ $6.99.
Price reduction$6.99+ Appetizers

advanced them come love sports and also the ideal food at all times. Gain your youngsters to gain flavor-bursting meals choose mac & cheese, boneless wings, timeless wings, and much more starting in ~ $6.49.
Price reduction$6.49+ children meal

It"s an ext than just a gift, it"s a gift of wings. To buy a gift card beginning at $15 for your friends and family on your birthdays, unique occasions, as a give thanks to you gift, and more .
Price reduction$15+ Gift cards

Treat you yourself to juice wings and also tenders beginning at $8.99. You can shop for traditional wings, boneless wings, cauliflower wings, hand-breaded tenders, and also more.
Price reductionWings and tenders indigenous $8.99

all updated Buffalo Wild wing coupon codes, promo, offers, & sales Discount sell Expires
free mozzarella sticks as soon as you invest $10+ in ~ Buffalo Wild wing free Offer Dec 15
as much as $100 coupon free on $30 gift card orders at Buffalo Wild wing $100 Dec 31
family XL soup bundle for $39.99 in ~ Buffalo Wild wings $40 Nov 30
Party platters indigenous $8.49 in ~ Buffalo Wild wing $8.49+ Party Food Dec 30
$1 upcharge for brand-new Doritos spicy sweet chili sauce at Buffalo Wild wing Doritos Sauce Dec 31
Blazin' wing in ~ home an obstacle for $13.79 at Buffalo Wild wing $14 Dec 30
Buffalo Wild wing bundles beginning at $9.99 $9.99+ bundles Dec 31
Last to update on December 12, 2021


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