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Last week us watched the first Redskins preseason game, and also my husband can not be happier the football season is finally back!

I don’t know about you, but I associate football season with one thing: buffalo wings.

Honestly, ns didn’t also like buffalo wings until my an initial pregnancy, as soon as I uncovered myself suddenly craving spicy food, consisting of the messy, sauce-covered chicken. Currently I can’t get enough of either — wing or spicy foodstuffs — which renders BDubs’ Bottomless Boneless lunch even more exciting!


Last week we headed come our local Buffalo Wild Wings for the an initial time to try their wings for ourselves, and we establish what we’d been missing out on:

Amazing buffalo wings (in boneless and also bone-in)Tons of sauce choices so friend can obtain the smell you’re cravingTons of delicious entrée options besides wings


Our table to be overflowing through delicious food — mac and cheese for 3 of my girls, wings because that the oldest, Parmesan Garlic chicken flatbread, a pulled pork sandwich through honey BBQ sauce, and also a chicken wrap, every one of which was amazingly good!

For my Bottomless Boneless Lunch, I began with a traditional medium sauce (I want to shot Desert Heat, yet I think my poor husband was afraid it would send me into pre-term labor, so ns humored him!), followed by an order of tasty Parmesan Garlic wings. Unfortunately, that’s all I gained down prior to I had actually to quit, but I would certainly love to take my dad next time and see how numerous wings he can eat (this is the male who has obtained kicked out of all-you-can-eat restaurants much more than once; his metabolism works overtime!).

Special Promotions

Buffalo Wild Wings desires to assist you get all set for football season by helping v your next lunch party — at home, the office, or BDubs itself — with a selection of promotions, including Bottomless Boneless Lunch, soup Tuesday, Boneless Thursday, and also Game Changer beer!


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