Went come B-Dubs today and also got notified they’re no much longer doing boneless Thursdays anymore. I have actually no idea just how this is going to help their organization when IIRC it’s to be going downward. So many people would go on Thursdays as result of the deal however I don’t watch that happening anymore with no discount :/


As a BWW employee, the agency is no making sufficient money doing these boneless deals, the kitchen gets too hectic because of how busy it is and also therefore the high quality of the wing aren’t come standard; resulting in complaints and comping money turn off bills. It isn’t worth it together a agency anymore.

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Sorry, however I don’t buy it. I’ve had actually employees say there’s been a drop off in customers because they killed the deals and have zero clue why corporate is doing what castle doing. They’ve been doing the wing transaction for many years and their sales have going down, and also now is the time they’re having supply issues?

I’ve also had plenty of friends speak they no much longer go come B-Dubs, and that they favor going come other neighborhood wing shops whereby it’s cheaper (sometimes) and also tastier. 80 cent for a little nugget at B-Dubs is still sort of expensive, specifically when the quality isn’t that an excellent either. Personally ns agree, I’ve gone to regional or contender stores that were much better. B-Dubs usually had the cheap variable going but not anymore.

Can someone shoot me a link to check this? I'm going to be pissed... BWW is just too expensive generally priced, yet I love your flavors.

Super late to the party however at mine they presented bogo boneless Tuesday if still maintaining the 65 cent boneless Thursday. We've started to present military Mondays where instead of the usual 10% off we give 15%. Us are located near 3 military bases. And during fast break having lunch doing 15% for army as well. I recognize that could not assist in your situation however I expect it reflects we room still make the efforts to do it worth it for people.

I miss traditional Tuesday’s. I love classic wings and also I open minded don’t treatment for boneless. Ns hope to see deals with traditional wings come again

The place near me still does half priced Tuesday classic wings, and Korean BBQ is ago for the summer.

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