KANSAS CITY — Dawson Knox said throughout an interview on The pat McAfee present this week the the Buffalo Bills space talking out of both political parties of your mouths front of the hyped AFC Championship game rematch through the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday Night Football.

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On one hand, Sean McDermott constantly has his team singularly focused on the adversary of the week. The motto that’s to be parroted from his players all week is the it’s the biggest game because it’s the following one. Yet Knox admitted that this game against the team that sent the Bills home last year in the playoffs naturally dredges up some painful memories.

“In the ago of every one of our mental we know we lost to this team double last year. They’re the people that retained us from gaining to the super Bowl,” Knox said. “It’s just person nature to have that extra chip on her shoulder.”

A bills (3-1) victory puts lock in the driver’s seat in the AFC as they eye the no. 1 as whole seed. If castle finish first in the conference, the Chiefs (2-2) are compelled to travel v Buffalo rather of hosting the bills in an additional Arrowhead decibel-popping atmosphere. Mock Allen said this week that simply 17,000 pan in January noted the many hostile environment he’s ever played in. Top top Sunday the Chiefs space expected an ext than 70,000.

The matchup pits the NFL’s no. 2-ranked Chiefs violation (averaging 427.5 yards per game) versus a receipt defense the ranks first in full defense. Led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes critical season, the Chiefs offense steamrolled the Buffalo defense. Recipient Tyreek Hill finished v a game-high 172 receiving yards and tight end Travis Kelce went for 118 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Bills safety Micah Hyde couldn’t pick between the two when he to be asked this week which among Mahomes’ weapons are more daunting to stop. The receipt defense has posted two shutouts in that is last three outings, yet Hyde said that’s no a realistic goal versus this Chiefs offense.

“Has it ever happened throughout the Mahomes era? i don’t know,” Hyde said. “Bend, don’t break. Lock gonna get their yards; castle gonna obtain their plays. ... We gotta do them nickel and dime united state the whole way down the field and try to force some takeaways or ar goals.”

Buffalo’s defense ranks first in red ar defense, however it’ll be experiment by the Chiefs. Mahomes and firm have scored a touchdown top top 80% of your trips right into the red area this season, i m sorry ranks third in the league. Leslie Frazier’s defense might be there is no star linebacker Matt Milano, who missed practice Wednesday and also Thursday after enduring hamstring injury last week vs. Houston. If that can’t go it’ll it is in A.J. Klein, that filled in admirably because that Milano for a stretch last season.

Frazier thinks this isn’t the exact same Bills defense that gave up 439 yards that offense and 38 point out in the location game. Buffalo’s defense could play a great game and still surrender points come KC, “I don’t know if anybody yes, really stops them,” Frazier said.

Allen vs. Mahomes space the names on the marquee because that this matchup. Mahomes had actually a leading game in January and also Allen may need to have actually one because that the receipt to win this game. Chiefs protective tackle chris Jones was a game-wrecker against Buffalo critical season. He’s managing a wrist injury and also could be a game-time decision ~ above Sunday.

Allen said this week that Kansas City’s defense is incredibly versatile. In the chaos that Arrowhead, Buffalo has to execute and communicate.

“They obtained safeties that will certainly cover receivers, tight ends, running backs. They acquired corners that will cover everybody on the ar too. They’ll offer you various looks, play man from various looks. So, castle really, yes, really switch it up on you,” Allen said. “So (we) simply (have to make) sure we’re ideal on our reads and also understanding because that me pressure, acquiring the round out and getting the sphere out come the appropriate guy, and giving ourselves a opportunity to catch and also run.”

The Chiefs blitzed Allen 18 time in the AFC title video game last year and recorded 13 pressures, 6 QB hits, and 4 sacks. Kansas City’s protective backs play physical against the bills receivers and also the newest enhancement at the recipient spot, Emmanuel Sanders, is going in expecting that approach from the Chiefs again.

“Everybody knows the Chiefs acquire up in her face, they want to walk man-to-man and also they’re gonna tug, they’re gonna grab, they’re gonna be aggressive,” the said. “And they’re gonna carry out it over and also over for almost 50 plays, right? So that can obtain tiring as well just battling all game. But I’m currently mentally ready for that so that’s the an excellent thing about watching tape and also knowing your opponent, for this reason we’re ready for it.”

Joining Milano as questionable for the video game for the Bills are special teams ace Taiwan Jones and defensive finish A.J. Epenesa. If the second-year pass rusher can’t go it’ll most likely mean an possibility for one of two people veteran Efe Obada or rookie Boogie Basham.

The crucial to this video game for the bills is generating pressure versus Mahomes. Your defense had just 3 pressures and also 2 QB hits in January. If Jerry Hughes, A.J. Epenesa and agency can victory up front, the Bills violation should be able to run the ball and also figure out some means to assault the Chiefs in the pass game. Even if the Bills pressure Mahomes, he still may obtain his. I’m calling for a shootout. Mockery Allen has actually a game. - Parrino

Buffalo encounters a Chiefs defense the is a bottom-three unit. Regardless of the weather, I view this game being a shootout through both offenses relocating the ball up and down the field and also scoring your fair share of touchdowns. I think the Bills have the right to pull turn off the upset, yet until I watch it happen, ns going v the team that has been the course of the AFC for the past few seasons in a nail-biter. - Ryan Talbot

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