The new England Patriots are excited come welcome fans earlier to Gillette stadion for the 2021 season. Please review our Know prior to You go guide before attending Patriots home gamings this season to preserve a safe environment for our vistors, players, and staff.

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Fan health PromiseAlthough negative tests and also vaccinations will certainly not be compelled for stadion entry, every ticketholders need to agree the neither lock nor your guests will certainly attend an event if they have tested optimistic for COVID-19 in the previous 14 days, been exposed to who who has tested confident for COVID-19 in the past 14 days, or skilled symptoms that COVID-19 within 48 hours prior come the event. For much more information, please testimonial the Gillette stadion Ticket Terms.
Bag PolicyOnly one (1) pre-approved bag per guest will certainly be enabled inside the stadium. Please note decreased wristlet dimension for 2021. Evaluation the recently updated stadion Bag Policy.

cell phone Ticketing OnlyFor your safety and also convenience, every tickets are easily accessible via mobile an equipment only because that Gillette stadium events, including new England Patriots residence games. Importantly, all people attending an occasion at Gillette Stadium need to download the Gillette Stadium app to accessibility their tickets. Be sure to sign in to your account come ensure you can view her tickets before event day. Click here for extr information related to mobile ticketing, including step-by-step instructions, answers come FAQs, and also mobile ticketing tutorials.
you re welcome visit our easily accessible Services page to learn around Accessible Seating and also Relocation or contact our ADA Coordinator at (508) 384-9191 / MassRelay (800) 439-2370.
One pre-approved clear bag every guest will be allowed inside the stadium. Please note diminished wristlet dimension for 2021. Review the newly updated stadium Bag Policy.
because that the 2021 Patriots season, prepaid parking overcome are obtainable for purchase. To discover more, click here. Various other Parking Options:
You have the right to view the recent Parking info on our Parking Page. Fall off/pick increase of event-goers on course 1 is against the law. If you are dropping turn off or picking up occasion attendees, please follow signage come our ride-share lot, many 15. Please note: Limos and town cars room not permitted to fall off/pick up at the stadium. Castle are forced to park ~ above site and also wait for their party. SUV-type limos and town cars must park in a general parking point out ($30-60), all various other Limo parking clues ($150). Please check out the Patriots game Day Parking Map for much more information.
featuring secure mobile tickets, exclude, giveaways, in-game video replays, NFL RedZone, plus much more. Learn more about the Gillette stadium App.
Look for Gillette stadion to stay associated all video game long. Verizon customers will immediately be connected to the Verizon Wi-Fi.
Tailgating is allowed in stadion parking lots, however open flames room not. Evaluation all stadion Parking Rules.
The Patriots hall of Fame gift by Raytheon innovations will it is in open. Please visit The room Website for an ext information.
Traffic constraints will it is in in ar on neighborhood roads in Foxborough before and after games. Use I-95 when coming native the north, or I-495 once coming native the south, east and also west to access Gillette stadium from route 1. Click here for detailed directions.

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The MBTA uses train business from Boston and Providence come Patriots residence games. Tickets deserve to be purchase in advancement via the MBTA mTicket app for iOS and Android. Simply visit your app Store, find for "MBTA mTicket" and download. When downloaded, tap purchase Tickets, select your station(s) and also click buy. Her train ticket will certainly then be displayed on your phone. Girlfriend may also visit the MBTA website for more information.


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