Buffalo receipt receiver Sammy Watkins hauls in a pass over Miami cornerback Brice McCain in the very first quarter at sun Life stadion on Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015, in Miami Gardens. Buffalo beat Miami, 41-14. (David Albers/Staff)
Buffalo receipt tight finish Charles Clay slips past Miami dolphin cornerback Brice McCain come score his team"s very first touchdown in the very first quarter at sunlight Life stadion on Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015, in Miami Gardens. Buffalo defeated Miami, 41-14. (David Albers/Staff)

Buffalo bills running ago Karlos Williams is tackled by Miami dolphin linebacker Jelani Jenkins in the fourth quarter at sunlight Life stadion on Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015, in Miami Gardens. Buffalo defeated Miami, 41-14. (David Albers/Staff)

The Miami dolphins cheerleaders entertain during a stop in play versus the Buffalo receipt at sunlight Life stadium on Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015, in Miami Gardens. (David Albers/Staff)

Miami Dolphins pan circulate in costume external Sun Life stadion on Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015, in Miami Gardens. (David Albers/Staff)

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MIAMI — Sammy Watkins’s bittersweet sophomore season continued Sunday. Sweet because his Buffalo receipt team knife a divisional road win — bitter due to the fact that the South ft Myers High college product didn’t check out the field for really long close to his hometown.

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The Buffalo Bills had actually their finest game of the season, a 41-14 win over the Miami Dolphins, led through crisp and effective passing attack from the run-first team. However, Watkins played simply two series before tweaking his right calf at the end of the an initial quarter.

The 2010 Naples everyday News Broxson Trophy winner watched the second half in street clothes. Watkins finished v one catch in front of family and also friends who made the two-hour drive from fort Myers.

“It was great just to have actually my family members here,” Watkins told ft Myers television terminal NBC-2 after ~ the game. “A lot of them don’t get to pertained to my games. It’s a blessing to have actually them view me beat in the NFL.”

Though he missed the last three quarters with a calf injury, Watkins called NBC-2 he expected to play next week.

“I’ll be just fine,” he claimed in a short postgame interview.

On their very first possession, the receipt drove 77 yards in 5 plays, every completions by quarterback Tyrod Taylor. No one of the passes saw Watkins.

Taylor targeted Watkins on the 2nd play of Buffalo’s 2nd drive, finding the 2011 south graduate behind Miami cornerback Brice McCain. Watkins hauled in the pass over his shoulder because that a 39-yard gain.

Two plays later on Watkins made a leaping grab end McCain in the end zone, but landed simply out of bounds.

Those to be the only two passes thrown his way. Watkins did no take the field on the third drive together trainers looked at his right calf.

Leading 27-0 at halftime, the bills didn’t require Watkins in the 2nd half.

His other receivers spoke fondly that Watkins, saying they weren’t worried about his mental state after having actually just seven captures for 99 yards through three games. Watkins had 65 receptions because that 982 yards last season as a rookie.

“He’s a team player,” bills receiver Robert Woods said. “He just wants to watch his team perform well, move the ball and also put increase points. He’s happy with that.”

Woods also isn’t worried around a potential sophomore slump for Watkins. Woods, a third-year receiver in Buffalo, was especially urged Sunday after watching Buffalo’s passing game continue to evolve.

“You can see he’s one explosive player,” Woods said. “You saw the pat today; you witnessed him critical week. He makes large plays for us.”

Percy Harvin, who led the receipt with 7 receptions ~ above eight targets, expressed confidence that Watkins will proceed to blossom right into a star in the NFL.

“I look for him to it is in a top-tier, upstream receiver,” Harvin said. “I see it in him. He’s big, he’s fast, he’s smart. I’m just waiting because that him to make that next step. I’m pretty certain we’ll be stating him with (Atlanta Falcons receiver) Julio Jones and guys choose that.”

Once again, Buffalo’s team performance and Watkins’s separation, personal, instance stats continued to tendency in the contrary directions. In two victories this season, Watkins has actually the one 39-yard catch from Sunday. Critical week, Watkins had six catches for 60 yards and also a touchdown, but the receipt (2-1) lost to AFC eastern rival new England.

Though he to be tied for third on the team in receptions in the an initial two games, Watkins led the Bills v 11 targets, definition Taylor to be trying to gain him the ball.

Had he to be on the ar Sunday, Watkins can have benefitted native the best day of the young season for Buffalo’s pass attack. The Bills melted Miami for 277 yards after throwing because that fewer 보다 200 yards each of the first two games.

In his just other professional game in Miami, Watkins had three captures for 32 yards in a 22-9 loss critical year.

Under brand-new head coach Rex Ryan, the Bills have made a push to beef up your rushing attack. That includes including LeSean McCoy, who leads the NFL in rushing since 2010, in the offseason.

The emphasis on the operation made Buffalo 27th the end of 32 NFL groups in passing with the very first two main of the season. However, the receipt came right into Miami looking come throw. Coming into Sunday averaging 24.5 pass attempts per game, Buffalo threw 10 passes in the first two series.

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If Watkins is healthy next week, he has a an excellent chance come get back on track. The bills play in ~ home versus the brand-new York Giants, who defense allows an NFL-worst 335.7 pass yards per game.