We contrasted Costco Travel automobile Rentals to various other Booking website to discover the best Value

By: Carolyn Fitchard


If you’re looking for cheap auto rentals, look no additional than Costco. The warehouse society has expanded its bulk goods offerings to encompass discount travel with the member-exclusive Costco travel program. And a big part of that program, as well as hotel bookings, cruises, and vacation packages, is auto rentals. The regime is complimentary to sign up with for Costco members, however is it worth the member fee (which starts at $60/year) if you’re not? The znjke.com Coupons team crunched the number to see just how Costco Travel vehicle rentals to compare to various other booking sites, and whether it’s precious the price that admission.

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What is Costco automobile Rental?

Costco Travel, the members-exclusive booking site, partners with Alamo, Avis, Budget, and Enterprise to acquire you competitive rates on car rentals. If you’re 25 or older, have a precious driver’s license, and also are a present Costco member, you have the right to use the low Price Finder tool to find for automobile rentals anywhere the country. Every taxes and also fees are contained in the price, so what you check out is what girlfriend get. Costco travel will also administer automatic discounts, favor 25% turn off base rates, when available. That way less hunting roughly for Costco coupons. Here are a few perks of Costco automobile rentals:

The fee is waived because that one added driverYou can publication now and also pay later at the counterThere space no cancellation fees

How Much have the right to You save With Costco auto Rental?

When we tried to find a two-day automobile rental v the exact same pick-up and drop-off location of JFK Airport, Costco Travel listed out every the rental options from Alamo, Avis, Budget, and Enterprise. Emphasize at optimal is Costco Travel’s choose for the ideal deal, which became an intermediate automobile (Toyota Corolla or similar). It factored in a $25 coupon and 25% off base price discount right right into the rental price. The tabs present how this price compares come renting a similar model from the other brands. In this case, renting native Avis saves you as much as $77, which is roughly the median savings throughout other auto models.


Costco car Rental Vs. Other Travel Booking Sites

One limitation that Costco travel is that they companion with half the automobile rental companies that booking sites choose Hotels.com and also Booking.com do. That means less vain prices, especially from supervisor budget-friendly rental companies choose Dollar automobile Rental and Thrifty auto Rental. Us did the very same search as above across all three booking sites to check out if Costco travel really gives the best value. Here’s what us found:

Costco Travel: $252 via AvisHotels.com: $142 via Dollar vehicle Rental (with 16% Pay now discount)Booking.com: $299 via Thrifty car Rental

Our takeaway: Costco take trip stacks up well versus Booking.com, yet it doesn’t enhance the compete price Hotels.com achieves through the 16% Pay currently discount. For the reason, it’s still finest to to compare prices throughout booking sites before reserving your next car rental.

Is Costco automobile Rental precious It?

According to our research, Costco take trip won’t always be your cheapest choice for booking car rentals. The is, however, practically for present Costco members, particularly those getting the 2% annual reward for Executive Members or the 3% cash back from the Costco all over Visa map by Citi. Yet if you’re reasoning of acquiring a Costco membership specifically to conserve on vehicle rentals, you’re much better off ditching the membership and comparing prices across other booking sites instead.

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Looking for an ext ways to conserve at Costco? check out our collection of Costco coupons because that deals ~ above memberships. You can likewise learn more about the services of a Costco membership, consisting of saving with Costco gas.