When Buddy Valastro isn’t baking very delicious treats at Carlo’s Bakery or certification on the struggle TV series Cake Boss, he is spending time at home with his wife, Lisa Valastro, and also their four kids. Since the lovely baker lives in a sprawling mansion in brand-new Jersey, there’s loads of space for their large family to create beautiful memories.

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Buddy and Lisa space the proud owner of a substantial property in the Montville area, which is about 25 mile from his top bakery located in Hoboken, NJ. The longtime lovebirds, who tied the knot in 2001, moved right into the substantial property in 2014, follow to reports.


The Buddy vs. Duff star and also his stunning spouse’s abode features a understand bedroom, rooms because that each the their kids — Sofia, Bartolo, Marco and Carlo — many bathrooms, miscellaneous living areas, a foyer with vaulted-ceilings and, the course, a five-star kitchen.

Considering Buddy is just one of Hollywood’s many favorite celebrity bakers, the no surprise his kitchen is what dreams are do of. The open-concept area boasts a giant island, a gas stove, lot of of drawers for ingredients, a big dinner table and also a pantry because that storing all your food.


For Buddy, among the finest parts of having a big home is being able come host all of his family and also friends. “Somebody could show up with twenty people similar to that,” he told People in March.

The former Next good Baker host’s backyard is simply as luxurious together the inside of your home. Outdoors, friend can uncover a patio with furniture, an area because that dining and a lavish swimming pool surrounded through lush environment-friendly grass. The married pair’s backyard also overlooks a body of water.


“One of the things I love most around the house is the view,” Buddy mutual with the outlet while gushing end their an extremely own exterior oasis. “It’s really surreal and also calms you under after a lengthy day.”

Even despite Buddy enjoys traveling the human being for his liven career, that loves nothing more than gift at house with his wife and their children. “Honestly, ns don’t prefer to walk out,” that explained.

Scroll v the gallery listed below to view photos inside Buddy’s family home!


So Regal

Buddy’s house is not only huge, but it’s likewise decorated extremely beautifully. In the foyer, the duo filled the room through two dark brown dressers and also hung gold-encrusted mirrors on the walls. They likewise put a circle-shaped rug and a three-legged table in the facility of the area.


Dream Kitchen

The Kitchen Boss star’s kitchen is fitted with stainless stole appliances, i m sorry is perfect for whipping up some scrumptious sweets at home.

Plenty that Storage

With an abode this big, there’s no doubt it offers tons of storage. Just take a watch at every those cabinets!

Dad’s Time

When the time because that a company meeting, Buddy has the deluxe of escaping right into his own personal office.

Bathroom Goals

The doting dad’s grasp bathroom is enormous. The area boasts multiple sinks, a walk-in shower, a luxurious bath tub and more.

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