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D. GILBERTReviewed in the United states on august 12, 2020
I’m a friend fan, i’ve traveled come his original store around 80 mile one way and watched every season that cake boss.Watching this was good but as well stressful wonder if the judges would tell the reality or the producers would emphasis on no making either experienced look bad by sharing the wins.I was yelling in ~ the tv as soon as he periodically lost. OMG, the stress was as well much. I watched both seasons and also the cakes and other yummies to be awesome but not again. These guys are just different in your approach and should no be competing against each other.

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* CustomerReviewed in the United claims on September 28, 2021
My kids and also I loved the very first season also though it to be cheesy and fake. We barely made it through the first episode that this season.Now Buddy and also Duff have actually a “team” working through them, which is simply annoying. It was simply too lot going on. Then the women that judged the an initial episode were totally devoid of personality. This was simply tedious to watch.We bought the whole season and also still haven’t do it previous the very first episode. Total bummer.
PanicdanicReviewed in the United claims on April 23, 2020
80sgirlAReviewed in the United says on April 13, 2020
great show yet they need various judges. The lady judges on below talk method too much and they space such a snore. Castle are an extremely snooty together well. It takes away from the really competition and also the display would be way much better with various judges. TeamDuff#all the way!
Cinthia D.Reviewed in the United states on April 5, 2020
Great show and also fun come watch 2 masters execute their thing however season one was something new and different on TV. Duff and also Buddy had actually to create and bake ~ above their very own with only one assistant. That was exceptional to check out the baked items they are capable of making, it showed their variety of baking mastery. I’d prefer to watch a savory dish thrown in what too.
In season 2 of girlfriend vs Duff, points are not being distributed per category making it an unfair and also biased scoring system. An extremely dissapointed.
Almost quit watching after ~ the season 2 mini golf episode. Duff to be obviously robbed. For this reason disappointed through the judges.

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