If you’ve ever before wondered what it would certainly be prefer to have a drink with The Queen, sadly, unless you space a member of the royal household or among her ideal gal pals, us doubt that will ever before actually happen. Soz.

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But drinking this gin, i m sorry is made in ~ Buckingham Palace, is virtually as good, right?

The Royal repertoire Trust, a department of the royal Household, has actually just launched a premium small-batch London dry gin the you have the right to buy now.

The gin is infused v citrus and also herbal notes derived from 12 botanicals, several of which room taken native Buckingham palace garden, including lemon verbena, hawthorn berries, just leaves and mulberry leaves.

No word on even if it is The Queen picks those it s her or not, mind you.

The Buckingham palace gin, which as a ABV the 42%, will be served at official occasions at the Palace, therefore you recognize it’s good.

The serving suggestion for this fancy-pants gin is to pour a measure up of the gin into an ice-filled brief tumbler before topping up through tonic and also garnishing v a slice of lemon.

All profits from sales of the gin go to The Royal repertoire Trust, a registered charity, and assist fund the care and conservation of the imperial Collection, and also the promo of access and enjoyment that the arsenal through exhibitions, publications, loans and also educational programmes. Royal repertoire Trust’s occupational is undertaken without public resources of any kind of kind.


Buckingham royal residence gin can be purchased virtual from www.rct.uk/shop at £40.00 because that a 70cl bottle and is accessible at Royal repertoire Trust shops.

Buy now!



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