When Cleveland foster mommy Jennifer Lynch absorbed Suzy together a hospice foster, she determined to offer the pup the best life possible despite the dog's terminal cancer diagnosis. How? She created a 70-item bucket list complete of experiences any pooch would certainly love.

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In May, a an excellent Samaritan discovered Suzy running loose and dropped she off in ~ Cleveland animal Care and also Control (CACC). She had noticeable open up wounds on her undercarriage once she arrived, for this reason she was automatically taken come an off-site veterinarian. 

The veterinarian claimed Suzy's wounds were led to by a tumor. Suzy underwent a surgical treatment to remove the tumor, however surgeons couldn’t remove every one of it since of the location. Lab results proved a high-grade mammary tumor that was regrettably not feasible to eliminate entirely. Due to the fact that the tumor would likely proceed to grow, the vets gave Suzy a couple of months to live.



Suzy went back to the kennel, and staff started looking for a hospice foster wherein she might live the end the remainder of she days exterior the busy animal control center. Typically, companion rescue groups take on a dog choose Suzy, however ones in the area didn’t have capacity at the time. Lynch, a CACC volunteer-turned-employee, had actually experience with fostering animals before their adoption, yet had never ever served together a hospice foster. “I raised my hand and said ns guess I’ll shot it,” she says.

“Since I gained her, among the things I wanted to perform with her story was provide a narrative around the end of her life and also tell the story of how even though she could not have a ton that time, we’re finding the best of it,” Lynch says. 

Lynch is as with you and follows numerous dogs top top Instagram and also Facebook. Years ago she came across a page referred to as Live prefer Roo. Roo's household had developed a bucket list for your dog after he obtained a terminal wellness diagnosis. They wanted to take it him to carry out all the things they assumed a dog would typically do over their lifetime. Lynch says that story stuck with her, and also she offered that as catalyst for Suzy.

Once Lynch carried Suzy home, she created her own bucket perform for the pooch that others can follow along with on Facebook and also Instagram. “I’m no trying to offer her to it is in adopted. I’m simply trying to paint a pretty rosy picture of the finish of her life,” Lynch says. 

She likewise hoped the it could lug awareness come the girlfriend of City dogs Cleveland, CACC’s nonprofit. Dog who come to the kennel and cannot be returned to an owner are thought about a city dog and also put up for adoption.

Lynch created a bucket list with over 70 dog-friendly experiences, and CACC volunteers have actually stepped approximately make each one happen. Suzy has already checked off 50 of the bucket list items.



The crowd-favorite dog wedding began off as a small idea Lynch believed would be fun for social media. The CACC volunteers decided her plan to walk to a local gazebo with 15 people and also record a doggy wedding were no going to occupational for them due to the fact that they’re a “go big or go residence kind the group.” according to Lynch, the wedding take it on a life of its own. There became a DJ, catering, a full wedding party, a flower girl and also ring bearer, a dog wedding cake, and one the the volunteers even got ordained. ~ above October 10, Suzy and also pup Frankie exchanged their vows in a online wedding event.

Lynch says the endure was possible thanks come donations from neighborhood members and also support native the nonprofit. Suzy is the an initial hospice foster the the friends of City dogs Cleveland has actually supported. “We’re make the efforts to do the most of the chance in all aspects,” Lynch says.

This summer Lynch additionally planned a lemonade was standing for Suzy. They collection up the stand in someone’s front garden on a busy street, and also raised over $1,000 for the medical and also dog enrichment programs sustained by the nonprofit.

Lynch says her favorite endure on Suzy's bucket perform was your motorcycle ride, due to the fact that the pooch loves talk in cars with her head out the window. “It doesn’t issue where she’s going, she’s going to have a good time if she can have she head sticking the end the window,” Lynch says. Suzy satellite on the ago of a Harley Davidson v a volunteer and also her husband and rode around a parking lot. For those 15 minutes, “it was choose she was in heaven,” Lynch says. (Editor's note: Don't shot this at home, and always make sure your pup is for sure secured in the car for any type of rides.)

Suzy still has actually a few items left on she bucket list the Lynch says they require to inspect off. A few—like watching the sunset and experiencing a dog-friendly spa treatment at the groomer—may sound choose just another day in the life the a happy pup. Yet Suzy is no ordinary girl. In fact, Lynch states she's already outlived the vet's prediction.

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Go sleddingPet save shopping spreeHave a spa therapy at a doggie groomerGet her photo at NASAGo come a drive-in movieWatch the sunsetGo to a corn maze

“I’ve had actually a number of foster dogs, and also at the finish of every foster is a happy ending,” Lynch says. “For Suzy, I recognize that is no the case due to the fact that she’s going come be through me until the end.”

We're therefore thankful Suzy found a friend to live the end her days in style and comfort. Every pup deserves a happy home similar to this one, no matter just how long we have with them.