Bubba Watson is among the most famous golfers on the PGA tour. The holds the longest driving record and holds numerous golfing records. He has accumulated many trophies, yet many world don’t recognize that he likewise collects cars.

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One the the most famed cars in the Bubba Watson automobile collection is a 1969 evade Charger. Much more commonly recognized as the “General Lee”, the is known about the world as the automobile driven through the duke cousins Bo and also Luke in the television series The Dukes that Hazzard. It is important a one-of-o kind vehicle.

Over the years Bubba Watson has bought, sold, and also even donated cars to charity. One such automobile he donated was a 1939 Cadillac LaSalle C-Hawk roadster custom that marketed for $410,000. After selling the car, that donated the $410,000 to his favourite charity – called the “Birdies because that the Brave”.


Included in Bubba Watson’s vehicle Collection is the BW1 Custom float Golf Cart

This next car is not specifically a car, but it is incredible. The is a custom-built hovercraft that deserve to travel end both land, and water, and also has a footprint 33 time lighter 보다 a person foot print.

This hovercraft have the right to literally travel anywhere including end sand traps, water, and also even right into the woods.

Bubba jokingly states, “My golf balls occasionally like to go in and out the the woods, so we gotta be able to get over there in the quickest way possible,”

Bubba’s custom new land-and-sea golf dare was built by the Neotric Hoverecraft company from Terre Haute, Indiana and designed through Designer kris Fitzgerald in conjunction with the eyewear an equipment Oakley.

It is referred to as a BW1 (Model 7600) and features a 65HP fuel injected engine, is aligned to walk forward and also reverse, and also has a full auto-like dashboard. The BW1 can quickly be transported in a practice trailer. No word however if the hovercraft is PGA approved.

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The vehicle has a selection of about 80 miles and a cruising speed of 30mph. The is around 14 ft. Long and also weighs 510 pounds.

The hovercraft a fully functional working concept and prototype manufactured by The Neotric Hoverecraft Company.