What go big-hitting Bryson have in beat to win the Arnold Palmer Invitational? Hannah Holden has all the details

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Many civilization have continued to i disbanded DeChambeau and also his quirky methods but he’s proving to be one of the most constant winners on tour – including his recent at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. He’s additionally become among the longest hitters thanks to his lockdown bulk up.

If you didn’t understand already, DeChambeau provides one length clubs i beg your pardon basically way he has actually a tower the length of a 7-iron in every of his clubs (irons and wedges) because that a more consistent swing plane across the set. He likewise has graphite shafts in every club in his bag and using jumbo grips and also bathing his golf balls in saline water to examine they are properly balanced. However we all carry out that, right?

Bryson DeChambeau WITB 2021

Driver: Cobra King LTD Pro (7.5˚, LA Golf tour AXS Blue 6 X, 45.5″ carbon fibre shaft)

Fairway woods: Cobra King Prototype (10.5˚, LA Golf poor Prototype carbon fibre 70 TX, 43″ shaft); Cobra King Speedzone Tour (13.5˚, LA Golf poor Prototype carbon fibre 80X, 41″ shaft)

Irons: Cobra King energy (4&5); Cobra King Forged tourism One Length, (6-PW, LA Golf Rebar Proto carbon fibre, 37.5″ shafts)

Wedges: Artisan Prototype (47˚, 52˚ & 58˚, LA Golf Prototype carbon fibre shafts)

Putter: SIK Tour agree C-Series Armlock (Ozik graphite shaft)

Ball: Bridgestone tour B X

Clothing: Puma

Shoes: Puma

Bryson DeChambeau WITB 2019

Driver: Cobra King Speedzone, (7˚), LA Golf Prototype carbon fibre shaft

Fairway: Cobra King LTD black color (14.5˚), Cobra King F8+ (17.5˚), LA Golf Prototype carbon fibre shaft

Irons: Cobra King One utility (4&5) Forged One, (6-PW), LA Golf Prototype carbon fibre shaft

Wedges: Cobra King wedges, (50˚, 55˚ & 60˚), LA Golf Prototype carbon fibre shaft

Putter: SIK tourism pro, Ozik graphite shaft

Ball: Bridgestone tourism B X


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