Harper by chance forgot which team he play for during the Phillies" introductory press conference.

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It might take a while for Bryce Harper to remember he's no in Washington anymore.

Harper, that znjke.comgned a 13-year, $330 million contract through the Phillies top top Thursday, was presented by the organization on Saturday. Harper donned his No. 3 Phillies jersey because that the first time together an official member of the club.

But for a moment throughout the press conference, Harper seemed to slip right into his old ways. The 26-year-old star outfielder accidentally stated he want to "bring a title back to D.C."

znjke.comx years v the Nationals can be difficult to obtain over. Harper to be a znjke.comx-time All-Star, an NL MVP and also an NL Rookie that the Year during his time in Washington. But Philadelphia offered him the richest contract in the background of phibìc American expert sports top top Thursday, and also there's no question that the team will be looking for Harper come deliver.



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