Bruno Mars and Anthony Kiedis the the Red hot Chili Peppers perform throughout the Pepsi Super key XLVIII Halftime display at MetLife stadium on February 2, 2014 in eastern Rutherford, new Jersey.

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Bruno Mars likes a party, whether it"s his infectious performances at assorted awards reflects ("Get off your wealthy asses and let"s have actually some fun!" that told the crowd at the 2012 GRAMMYs) or a closely crafted call for having actually a wide-ranging, genre-busting live show.

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On Sunday night, he play arguably his biggest party yet, headlining the halftime show at this year"s at sight Bowl between the Denver Broncos and also Seattle Seahawks in eastern Rutherford, N.J.

Shedding the spectacle for the most part, Mars was all business from the start. After an opened featuring the chorus of Travie McCoy"s Bruno-featuring "Billionaire" sung by a chorus that children, hand joined and also thrown increase in the air (sometimes), the singer showed up behind an instrument numerous may no be accustomed to see him play: a drumset.

However, together evidenced throughout his GRAMMY performance with B.o.B. And also Janelle Monae 3 years ago, Mars is in reality a fairly formidable drummer -- "I don"t choose that Bruno Mars is a better drummer than I am," Superchunk and also The mountain Goats" Jon Wurster tweeted -- acting together a nice pump-up moment as a precursor to the high-energy antics the followed.

First song? Why not "Locked out of Heaven," the very first single from "Unorthdox Jukebox," Mars" most recent album? Donning slick suits come coordinate v the singer"s suave getup, his backing band -- a flurry the horns, stringed instruments, keys and drums -- pranced onstage to fill out the smaller, triangular stage setup placed approximately midfield top top one sideline.

The allure that Bruno Mars" placement together a Super bowl halftime performer stemmed mainly from his capability to shapeshift from one form of singer to another, shedding one genre and including another with family member ease. The very same was true Sunday night, as the popular music star relocated seamlessly from the Police-esque bounce that "Locked the end of Heaven" come the planet Wind & Fire-repping "Treasure," Mars breaking out part hip-swiveling Motown move while his tape jived gleefully behind him.

"Treasure" wasn"t even fully over and also done with prior to -- boom -- the end rolled "Runaway Baby," a toe-tapping clip from debut album "Doo-Wops & Hooligans." The high-tempo, guitar- and also horn-fueled number again featured Mars" rapid footwork, the band"s dark silhouettes splayed in prior of a glow white background. "A little bit softer now," he began repeating, express "Shout" as the tape took the volume down low before jumping ago into a rollicking rendition the the tune -- the is, until he readjusted course again, rapping the words "give it away, give it away, give it far now" together some one-of-a-kind guests climbed from listed below the stage.

Everyone knew the Red hot Chili Peppers would be performing through Mars in ~ the supervisor Bowl; it simply wasn"t unclear even if it is the band would certainly be performing that is own product or just acting together Mars" funk heart brothers on among his own numbers. Through the utterance of "give it away," that was unexpectedly clear: the popular music chameleon was going to make one more change, this time into early on "90s funk absent territory.


Bruno Mars and also Anthony Kiedis of the Red hot Chili Peppers perform throughout the Pepsi Super bowl XLVIII Halftime present at MetLife stadium on February 2, 2014 in eastern Rutherford, brand-new Jersey.

Dressed exactly as one would intend them -- think a shirtless and also short-wearing Anthony Kiedis, for circumstances -- the Chili Peppers burst into "Give it Away," Bruno and also his Hooligans backing the rockers on every accounts. Kiedis and bassist Flea took facility stage immediately, if guitarist mockery Klinghoffer wildly spun and also leapt approximately the small stage -- even if it is he was soloing or not -- and Chad blacksmith drummed away v Mars" drummer for a two-pronged percussive attack. It was a beautiful chaos onstage, musicians weaving in and out of each other (oftentimes narrowly avoiding Klinghoffer"s high-flying antics).

But "Give it Away" wasn"t the rollicking finale of Mars" an initial halftime show. Shortly after, the telecast cut away to miscellaneous videos of members the the armed forces saying hello and also dedicating the final song to their loved ones, while the opening lines the "Just the way You Are" -- Mars" first solo fight -- started up.

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The finale to be a nice, touching moment, and a definite mid-tempo breather from the blink-and-you"ll-miss-it, energetic showcase that had preceded it. Mars made his means onto the field, crooning the love tune while fireworks exploded in the background.

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The halftime performance highlighted a an especially one-sided affair; at halftime, Seattle led Denver 22-0, the latter being the first team to it is in shut out in the very first half the the video game in 13 years.