3-time Grammy winner Lizzo collection to ring in 2022 in ras Vegas

Virgin Hotels may be a virgin brand in las Vegas, however leadership knows that if yes one night a year to go big, it’s brand-new Year’s Eve.

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The previous Hard Rock has actually tapped Lizzo to ring in 2022 from The theater at Virgin Hotels ras Vegas. Ticket to the one-night-only affair walk on revenue October 22 because that $99.50 and can be purchased via AXS. One American refer presale runs October 19-21.

This won’t be the an initial time Lizzo has actually lit up las Vegas on brand-new Year’s Eve. The artist play The Cosmopolitan’s Chelsea theatre on new Year’s night 2019, the same year her third studio album, “Cuz i Love You,” took end the world. Fans room still waiting for the follow-up, though Lizzo teamed with one-time las vegas headliner Cardi B this year because that the chart-topper “Rumors.”


Bruno Mars is earlier for new Year’s Eve and also More

Lizzo join a lineup of ras Vegas new Year’s night performers that contains the newly announced Bruno Mars. The 36-year-old, 11-time Grammy winner is returning because that his fifth new Year’s eve performance, this time at a familiar venue through an unfamiliar name.

Mars will certainly headline December 30 and 31 in ~ Dolby Live at Park MGM (formerly Park Theater). His brand-new Year’s performances are part of a four-concert swing with the city in December. He’s also tapped come play Dolby Live ~ above December 17 and 18.

Previously, Mars played new Year’s night concerts in ~ T-Mobile Arena, Park Theater, and The Chelsea.

Tickets come Mars’ Dolby Live performances begin at $99.50 and can be purchased via Ticketmaster start October 22 at 10 a.m.. An M Life Rewards presale will certainly be organized on October 21.

Tale that the Tape


Award Worthy: 3-time Grammy winner, 8-time Grammy nominee

Sellout: 2016’s “Good as Hell” is certified Platinum through the RIAA (3x), ARIA (3x), BPI (2x), MC (2x), and RMNZ.

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Big Deal: because entering the music scene, Lizzo has received acclaim for she female empowering lyrics, flautist skills, charismatic performance style and also iconic collaborations with artists choose Cardi B, Missy Elliot, Ariana Grande and others. Fact Sheet: In 2019, Lizzo earned her an initial No. 1 single with “Truth Hurts” top top the “Billboard warm 100” and there is no looked back, repetitively climbing the charts v smash access time “Juice” and also “Good as Hell,” achieving 3 GRAMMY Awards in 2020, including “Best Urban modern Album,” “Best popular music Solo Album,” and “Best traditional R&B Performance.” 

Bruno Mars

Award Worthy: 11-time Grammy winner, 27-time Grammy nominee

Sellout: Sold much more than 180 million singles worldwide

Big Deal: Mars’ critically acclaimed RIAA certified triple-platinum album 24K Magic album brushed up the 2018 GRAMMY Awards acquisition the most coveted trophies because that Album the the Year, track of the Year, and also Record that the Year. The album also marked his highest very first week sales debut, staying in the optimal 10 ~ above the Billboard 200 because that an outstanding 44 continuous weeks; and the lead hit solitary “24K Magic” is certified four-times Platinum by the RIAA. 

Fact Sheet: Mars is the very first artist to have actually two songs invest 24 or much more weeks in the warm 100’s height 5 (“That’s What i Like” and “Uptown Funk”). The is the just artist in the previous year to have both a four-time and six-time platinum solitary from the exact same album. Also, Mars is among the few artists to have written and also produced all the his No. 1 hits and also has had a No. 1 tune on the warm 100 from every of his first three studio albums.