Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson snagged among the greatest prizes of the night on Monday once they took home the compensation for record of the year throughout the 58th annual Grammy Awards.

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Thanking his fans because that making the win possible, Mars happily embraced his award from Beyoncé, that he recently performed with during halftime at Super key 50.

“I just want to thank these men for being some of the best musicians, producers and arrangers around,” he said of his collaborators. “I see George Clinton end there, a male who has done more for the word funk 보다 we can ever hope to dream in our entire lives.”

He added, “I want to give thanks to James Brown. George Clinton, Jana Lewis, Prince, The Meters, earth Wind and Fire.”

Ronson and also Mars beat out an exceptional list of nominees, which include D’Angelo and also the Vanguard for “Really Love,” note Ronson and also Ed Sheeran‘s hit “Thinking the end Loud,” Taylor Swift‘s “Blank Space” and also the Weeknd‘s dance jam “Can’t feeling My Face.”

30-year-old Mars is in an excellent company – ahead year’s document of the year winners encompass Sam Smith‘s “Stay through Me” in 2015, Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers’ common summer hit “Get Lucky” native 2014 and Gotye and also Kimbra’s “Somebody that I supplied to Know” in 2013.

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The record of the year compensation isn’t to be puzzled with the tune of the year prize. Record of the year is a performance-based award the goes to the singers, musicians and producers the a certain song while tune of the year is a songwriting award, going to the yes, really songwriters. Meanwhile, album the the year goes come a full-length album, no a song.

“When you’re jamming through dudes who you love and also respect so much, something joyous can kind of come out,” Ronson told reporters in the press room backstage. “Then the seven months to end up the tune from there was a lot of tough work. Ns will never ever write something as great as ‘Uptown Funk.'”

As for who the award-winning producer wants to collaborate through next, Ronson said, “Well, i mean, ns love Kendrick. He was absolutely my favourite album last year, but I feel choose if it’s walk to happen it will happen.”

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