Lucky in Friendship, ominous in Love

Early on, Marie gets couple of distinguishing characteristics past the reality that she"s date a married man. She jumps v any number of cognitive dissonance hoops to to convince herself that he"ll sooner or later leave his wife for her.

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Take a hint, honey.

We also see that she carries roughly a rolodex (hey, it was the 80s) complete of men—just in case. This is a woman who very plainly wants she happily ever after, yet isn"t too sure about the best method to get it.

She"s a hopeless romantic, plainly convinced that at some point her boyfriend will certainly leave his wife. But she"s additionally a little bit of a pragmatic cynic. Once she learns one of her rolodex-residents is married, she unceremoniously dog-ears his table of contents card. He"s off the industry (but not so off as to be removed from the rolodex, that course).

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Beyond that, Marie doesn"t gain much to do… the is, till she meets Jess and also the sparks fly.

Jess and also Marie, sitting in a Tree

In a movie that has actually a totality heap the meet-cutes, Marie"s meet-cute v Jess stands out as pretty priceless. Sally has set her up with Harry, and also Harry has collection Jess up with Sally. That course, points don"t go as planned, and Marie and Jess hit the off—giving everyone hope that romance isn"t dead.

Unless you"re bother or Sally, of course.

In her connection with Jess, Marie clearly feels a big fat feeling of relief. Here"s what she"s to be looking for: someone who loves her, who desires to be with her forever. Who she loves sufficient to skipping his terrible taste in coffee tables.

In a movie filled through neurotic persons who are unlucky in love, Marie and also Jess stand out together the ideal: They"re moral with every other, like as soon as Marie romantically tells Jess, "I desire you come know, that I will never desire that wagon wheel coffee table." and they"re grateful for every other, like once Marie transforms to Jess, saying, "Tell me I"ll never need to be out there again," and he gallantly replies, "you will certainly never have to be out there again." we think there"s an dispute to it is in made the that"s the many romantic line in the whole movie.

Jess is the Best

Think that Jess as the Marie to Harry"s Sally. He"s Harry"s sounding board—and he"s a pretty knowledge listener at that. In this movie, as soon as Harry isn"t talk to Sally, he"s talking to Jess.

There"s the scene where Harry tells Jess around his brewing divorce.Then there"s the scene whereby Harry defines his friendship with Sally—how he deserve to tell she anything since he doesn"t require to shot to impress her.And finally, there"s the scene wherein Harry describes why resting with Sally was so awkward.

Clearly, this is a bromance developed for the ages.