There might always be human being debating each other on whether Die tough is a Christmas movie. At this point, countless have weighed in ~ above the topic consisting of Bruce Willis. This is what the star had actually to say and also the human being who disagree through him.

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‘Die Hard’ takes place at a Christmas party

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The 1988 movie shows world coming together for a Christmas party. Terror Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) climate holds the guests together hostages and John McClane (Willis) comes in to conserve them. Among the hostages is the police officer’s wife, Holly (Bonnie Bedelia).

Die hard is full of activity given it follows the police officer sneaking approximately to take the end the terrorists in creative ways. Yet many argue it is a Christmas movie because it takes place at an occasion celebrating the holiday on Christmas Eve, us hear Christmas music favor “Jingle Bells” in the movie, and it’s concentrated on a personality trying come get earlier to his family.

Still countless fans would argue it’s just an activity or thriller movie. Willis did give his opinion numerous years ~ the movie to be released.

Bruce Willis doesn’t think it’s a Christmas movie


Bruce Willis attends the “A great Day To dice Hard” fan Celebration | Jim Spellman/WireImage

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Many fans would argue the the action movie is also a Christmas movie. Yet the star doesn’t agree.

He was the subject of a Comedy central roast. That took the moment to sweet in ~ above the long-running debate. “Die Hardis no a Christmas movie!” that said, follow to entertain Weekly.

But not everyone who assisted make the movie agrees. The movie’s co-writer Steven E. De Souza was asked this question on Twitter and also tweeted, “Yes, due to the fact that the studio rubbish the Purim draft #DieHardIsAChristmasMovie.”

The movie’s cinematographer agrees with Willis

Happy Birthday, Bruce!! Sorry around the trick candle…

— Die tough (
DieHard) march 19, 2019

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Willis isn’t alone through his opinion. The movie’s cinematographer, jan de Bont likewise doesn’t believe it belongs into the vacation genre.

“I’m not sure if the spirit of Christmas is fully embraced by that movie, to it is in honest,” Bont said Yahoo Entertainment. “To really speak to that a Christmas movie — it’s a small far-fetched.”

He go say the the filming that the movie walk happen approximately the holiday season. “We to be filming approximately Christmastime in the winter, and also it to be freezing cold,” that said.

The cinematographer admitted things favor the use of Christmas song does aid the the opposite argument. “I completely get it — it’s for this reason funny,” he said.

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Although the movie was filmed in the winter, Die Hard was released in July making the perfect because that those who favor to gain Christmas in the summer month. But it looks like Willis doesn’t think it’s a Christmas movie. That doesn’t stop his fans from saying the opposite, and them making it part of their holiday traditions.