Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy do a formidable pair during Season 20 of “Dancing through the Stars.”

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Their sizzling partnership winner them the mirror ball trophy in might 2015. It additionally apparently left the earliest daughter that Demi Moore and also Bruce Willis therefore smitten through both the alphabet reality present competition and with Chmerkovskiy the she celebrated their win through a tattoo, a massive ink picture on her bicep reflecting the 2 of them dancing.

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But currently it appears that the young actress wants to move on, particularly after finding out that Chmerkovskiy himself “has relocated on,” web page Six reported. 

Insiders told Page six that the “Empire” star underwent the painful procedure of removed the artwork after Chmerkovskiy began dating fellow “DWTS” agree Jenna Johnson.

Just prior to the Season 20 finals, Willis claimed on the show, “I don’t think I’ve ever before worked more difficult for 보다 anything in my life, or loved anything I’ve done more in my life.”

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While a romance in between Willis and also Chmerkovskiy was never reported, an infatuation the some type was noticeable on the show. While Willis speak up their amazing “connection,” Chmerkovskiy similarly called their partnership a “fairy tale” the deserves a “fairy-tale ending.”

Another resource was quoted as saying the Willis had become “so infatuated” through Chmerkovskiy the she obtained the tattoo automatically after your win. Willis also debuted the tattoo on she Instagram, informing her almost 600,000 fans:

“Thank friend
dr_woo_ssc because that this beautiful art,” she captioned the article from June 2, 2015. “I obtained this together a reminder that what us are searching for deserve to only be discovered within yourself….not from her job, how much money you make, that your dating, how plenty of followers girlfriend have.”

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give thanks to you
dr_woo_ssc for this beautiful art. I gained this together a reminder the what us are searching for have the right to only be found within yourself….not from her job, just how much money girlfriend make, who your dating, how numerous followers girlfriend have. The value and also love you have for yourself can only come native within and I to be so grateful to have had such an incredible endure to aid me know that.

A write-up shared by Rumer Willis (
rumerwillis) ~ above Jun 2, 2015 at 6:26pm PDT

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But in late November, Willis was photographed leaving a Los Angeles tattoo removal business with a bandage roughly her inner ideal bicep. She likewise appeared to be having actually a large lion design removed from her left top arm.

Around the very same time, she posted an advertisement for tattoo removal, i m sorry read, “Bad ink? it’s time because that LaserAway!” The accompanying caption read, “Thankful for
laseraway help me make my tattoos disappear.”


Sources told web page Six that Willis wasn’t the perturbed by the Ukraine-born Chmerkovskiy’s short-lived romance v Amber Rose.

But she was placed out after things quickly ended up being much an ext serious in between him and Johnson, a previous contestant top top Fox’s “So girlfriend Think You have the right to Dance.”

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Chmerkovskiy additionally has been talk up his brand-new romance with Johnson in the press, follow to the report. At the 2017 market Dance Awards and also Cancer benefit Concert in Los Angeles in August, the told “The Insider”: “You know, ns in a good place and also I’m in love, and I’m really grateful because that that.”

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While the Chmerkovskiy tattoo may be gone, various other tattoos were still visible on Willis’ arm more recently once she posed because that a pre-Christmas photo with her 2 sisters, Scout, 26, and Tallulah, 23. In the photo, all three sisters room stripped down to your bikinis for a striking photo of them bathing in a hot springs in the snow, near their childhood house in Idaho.