The exes newly quarantined together with their three daughters -- 31-year-old Rumer, 28-year-old Scout and 26-year-old Talullah -- and are plainly still on an excellent terms despite their 2000 separation after 12 years of marriage.But it obviously took a lot of to gain there. From your whirlwind romantic to ultimately becoming supportive of every other"s new relationships, let"s take a look earlier at the A-list stars" renowned ups and downs together.

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Moore, 57, and also Willis, 65, met at the premiere of the 1987 movie Stakeout, i beg your pardon starred Moore"s ex-fiance, Emilio Estevez. In Moore"s revealing 2019 memoir, Inside Out, she talks about her an initial impression that Willis, describing him as "cocky, dark, and handsome." She recalls the Willis was completely focused ~ above her that night, prompting Estevez to tell her, "He"s all over you, like a cheap suit in the rain.""

"Bruce -- who"d to be a bartender in new York City before he ended up being a television star -- was reflecting off behind the bar that night, tossing the cocktail shaker in the air, the kind of thing that appeared cool in 1987 however sounds cringeworthy now, and Emilio had a point: Bruce to be looking at me a lot together he went v his bar moves," Moore writes. "He to be so attentive as the night progressed, i was stunned to discover out later that he"d in reality been ~ above a date that night with one more woman."

Moore to be charmed by Willis, and also he asked she on a date prior to the night to be over.


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"I"d never ever encountered treatment choose this before. Bruce to be so gallant -- in his very own boisterous way, a real gentleman," she shares. "When I claimed it was time for me to walk home, he readily available to walk me to mine car. He was so eager around it -- like a tiny boy who didn"t desire to miss the ice-cream truck. When he asked for my number, i felt a tide of schoolgirl flutters. "Do you have actually a pen?" He confirm his pockets and also came increase empty. "Don"t leave!" he said, and went skittering off to acquire one. Then he composed it ~ above his arm -- a vision I"d watch a million times end the years; Bruce was constantly writing things on his arm. But that an initial time, ns noticed that his hands to be shaking. He was so breakable in the moment: all of the bravado to be gone."

Willis to be all-in indigenous the get-go, coming with Moore the very next day come visit her aunt. From climate on, it was a whirlwind romance.

"It"s tough not come feel good when someone showers you v that much attention," she defines in her memoir. "I think Bruce experienced me as some type of angelic savior as soon as we first met, probably partly due to the fact that I was sober and also not a party girl. .... Bruce insisted the he thought everything around me to be beautiful: the wrapped my fear and anxiety in his love."


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She also says the 2 bonded over an overwhelming childhoods.

"When Bruce and also I acquired together, our traumas met," she writes. "Like me, Bruce had actually had a difficult childhood: he was a stutterer, which had the hopeful side result of obtaining him into acting. ... So Bruce and I had actually both grown increase performing, role-playing because that survival."

The two later on married in ~ the gold Nugget casino in ras Vegas top top Nov. 21, 1987 -- just fourmonths after conference -- ~ Willis convinced her to tie the knot on a weekend expedition they take it while he had a rest from filming the now classic Die Hard. Moore said that she got pregnant with Rumer on their wedding night.

Later, the two had actually a much more lavish ceremony, which was paid for by movie studio TriStar as result of the substantial amount of public it would certainly generate. The late small Richard officiated the ceremony,andAnnie Leibovitz was the photographer.

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Their fairy-tale romance continued while Moore was pregnant with Rumer.

"I had actually loved gift pregnant," Moore recalls in her memoir. "The whole experience was wonderful from start to end. It didn"t hurt the Bruce was constantly informing me just how beautiful I sought nine months."

According to Moore"s memoir, the two began to have issues when she want to go back to work after giving birth to Rumer, when Willis want her to be a stay-at-home mom.

"We had actually a whirlwind, truncated infatuation that morphed into a full-on family, all in ours very first year," Moore writes. "When reality collection in, i don"t know if we really knew each other. ... Ns think both of us from the outset were an ext passionate around having children than us were around being married."

After Moore became a superstar many thanks to her role in 1990"s Ghost, she insurance claims Willis called her the he didn"t desire to be married anymore.

"He to be proud of my occupational ... But not sure he was comfortable with the fist that came with it," she writes. " ... I simply didn"t buy the "You"re the king" type of thing, i beg your pardon he flourished on. Plus, telling me, "I don"t know if I desire to it is in married" is not exactly the way to mine heart."


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Moore writesthat Willis "didn"t desire to it is in the guy who walked the end on his family," but she suspected infidelity. Still, despite their issues, her second pregnancy v Scout maintained them together and her 3rd pregnancy through daughter Tallulah further cemented their partnership -- till Moore"s mother began dying and they chose to speak to it quits in 1998. Your divorce to be finalized in 2000.

In a 2000 interview v Rolling Stone, Willis to be asked about what go wrong in the marriage, and he hinted that all of the attention on them was a factor.

"Well, ns can offer you the thoughtful answer, which is additionally the many universal: points change," the told the newspaper at the time. "People thrive at various rates. People adjust at different rates. It"s challenging for any couple to keep their marriage intact under the best of circumstances, and our marital relationship was under a substantial magnifying glass every the time. So, it can have to be a tiny more an overwhelming for us. Ns haven"t figured it out yet."

Still, that stressed the he still had plenty of love for Moore.

"I quiet love Demi. We"re an extremely close," that noted. "We have three kids whom we will proceed to progressive together, and also we"re more than likely as close currently as we ever before were. We realize we have a lifelong commitment to our kids. Ours friendship continues. The institution has actually been collection aside."


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True to your word, the two had actually a mostly amicable divorce, maintaining their children a priority.

"I think Bruce to be fearful in ~ the start that ns was going to do our break-up difficult, and that I would certainly express mine anger and also whatever baggage that I had from our marriage by obstructing his access to the kids -- that I"d revolve to every one of those ploys divorcing couples usage as weapons," Moore to write in she memoir. "But i didn"t, and neither walk he."

The two have continued to support their children together as a family over the years, an effort that hasn"t unable to do unnoticed by their kids. In 2015, Rumer speak to Larry King about her well known parents" divorce.

"I never had to break-up up vacations or separation up birthdays," Rumer shared. "They always made an effort to do every one of the family occasions still together and made such an initiative to still have our family members be as one unit, as opposed come two different things, which ns think really made one impact."

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Willis and also Moore also supported one another in their new romantic relationships. Moore famously moved on v Ashton Kutcher, and also created a stir once she and also all 3 of her daughters posed through both Willis and also Kutcher in ~ the Charlie"s Angels 2 - full Throttle premiere in 2003.


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Meanwhile, Willis married version Emma Heming in Turks and also Caicos in 2009, and Moore to visit the consciousness alongside their daughters. She also attended their vow rejuvenation ceremony in 2019.

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In Moore"s memoir, she writes the she and Willis actually currently feel "more connected" than they did before their divorce.

"It"s a funny thing to say, yet I"m very proud of ours divorce," she writes. "It wasn"t easy at first, however we managed to relocate the love of our relationship, the heart of what created our family, right into something new that gave the girls a loving, supportive setting with both parents."

The two additionally now have a feeling of humor about their past. In July 2018, Moore do a surprised appearance in ~ Willis" Comedy main roast and made some jokes around their split.

"People wonder why ours marriage pertained to an end, and also in all honesty, i think the was because some jealousy began to creep in. I think Bruce never ever really gained over the fact that i rocked the outright look better than he did," Moore cracked, introduce to she G.I. Jane look.

She continued, "After our divorce, he claimed he thought about the finish of our marital relationship his best failure, but Bruce, don"t be so difficult on yourself, you"ve had much bigger failures. I mean, planet Hollywood, Hudson Hawk, Striking Distance, marketing for Michael Dukakis, transforming down Clooney"s duty in Ocean"s Eleven to emphasis on play the harmonica?"

Willis has ongoing to be there for Moore, even after her eventually tumultuous break-up from Kutcher. In November, during her illustration on the podcast, Present agency With Krista Smith, she revealed the Willis called her to congratulate she on composing her memoir. The emotional book not only detailsher famous relationships, but additionally delvesinto her facility relationship with her mother, Virginia, and also her sobriety struggles.

"He called and he got really emotional," she said. "He said, "I"m so proud of you." I, too, then became really emotional, and also I"m not a crier -- the purity the his love and also acceptance, the an are that he might hold because that me, to it is in walking out and that encouragement, it just really meant so lot -- so much to me."

In April, Willis made decision to quarantine with his ex-wife and also their three youngsters in sun Valley, Idaho, and clearly, the exes had no problems getting along. The group recorded their adventures with each other on Instagram, where they verified off matching pajamas, invested time in a book club, shaved Tallulah"s head and also held a household paint night.

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A source told ET the Willis to be quarantining v Moore instead of Heming and also their two young children -- Mabel, 8, and Evelyn, 5 -- since he gained stuck while visiting, when Sun Valley became a COVID-19 hot spot.

"Bruce, Demi and Emma have always had a great relationship and also are good friends and none of this is weird come them," the source said. "It"s outside world who are making it more than it is."

Still, the resource said that the exes "never assumed they would certainly be compelled at this age to stay in one house together 24/7."

"It"s end up being a slumber party and they have resolved in perfectly," the resource said, noting, "Emma loves Bruce and also is fine v him continuing to be with his older children and also Demi during this time."

Last month, Scout said she was enjoying every the family time together throughout her appearance on the podcast, Dopey. Willis has due to the fact that reunited through Heming and also their daughters.

"It"s been yes, really funny to have actually both that my parents in the residence where they elevated us, which has actually been really cute," reconnaissance expressed. "They"re both such nerdy, adorable, "90s parental in a small town wherein they decided to have their kids and also not be in L.A. It’s to be pretty cute. ... It"s some magnificent timing too, of gaining this much time to hang out through them."

On Mother"s Day, Moore and also Willis spent the day with each other as a blended household with Heming and his two kids with the 41-year-old model, and with their very own three daughters.

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"Thankful to it is in with family today (and every day)," Moore captioned a snapshot on Instagram.

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