The "Die Hard" star is with his wife, Emma Heming, and their two young daughters after they to be quarantining independently for weeks.

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Bruce Willis has actually reunited v his wife, Emma Heming, and also their 2 young kids after mainly of quarantining through ex-wife Demi Moore and their 3 adult daughters during the coronavirus pandemic.

Heming, 41, shared on she Instagram story on Monday that she and Willis, 65, space together again with their 2 children, Mabel, 8, and also Evelyn, 6, after gift separated since early critical month.

Bruce Willis and wife Emma Heming are back together through their children after quarantining individually for weeks. Theo Wargo / Getty Images

Heming posted a picture taken through Mabel the her and the "Die Hard" star smiling together with Evelyn top top a four-wheeler in a wooded area, and a video clip of her laughing through Willis while riding around.

Heming shared a photo on Instagram that the family ago together after ~ weeks apart. Emmahemingwillis/Instagram

She likewise shared video clip of Willis advertise Evelyn on a swing and a shot of him moving her top top his shoulders.

It"s not clear if Willis has actually rejoined the household in Los Angeles or whether Heming and also the girl traveled to Idaho, whereby Willis has actually been staying with Moore and also their daughters, Rumer, 31, Scout, 28, and also Tallulah, 26, throughout the pandemic.

Bruce Willis has actually reunited v wife Emma Heming and their 2 daughters after they to be separated while that quarantined with ex-wife Demi Moore and also his older daughters in Idaho. Emmahemingwillis/Instagram

Scout Willis shed some irradiate on why Willis has been quarantining with them instead of Heming and his younger daughters in one interview on the "Dopey" podcast last month.

“It’s in reality been yes, really cool,” she said. "My stepmom was supposed to come up right here with my small sisters ... However my younger sister, that is about to be 7 years old, (was) in ~ a park, had never gained the talk about not (playing) through hypodermic needles the she found, so she actually tried come poke she shoe through it, and also poked her foot.

"So my stepmom had to it is in in L.A. Wait to acquire the results from acquisition her come the doctor, so my dad come up here early, and also then travel got crazy, so mine stepmom stayed in L.A v my small sisters."


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Moore and Tallulah Willis gave everyone a glimpse that what the household has to be up to during their time at home, even if it is it"s Moore and Willis wearing corresponding pajamas or awkwardly to dance together.

Heming and also Willis, who have been married due to the fact that 2009, are additionally celebrating Evelyn"s sixth birthday top top Tuesday.

With Willis rejoined with Heming and the girls, his older daughters have delighted in their time along with their father and also mother.

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"It’s been yes, really funny to have both the my parents in the residence where they increased us, which has actually been really cute," Scout said on the podcast. "They’re both such nerdy, adorable, ‘90s parents in a small town whereby they made decision to have their kids and also not it is in in L.A. It’s to be pretty cute.

"It’s some divine timing too, of obtaining this lot time to cave out through them."

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