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Deanrobert99 indigenous Bc, CanadaThe honest lyrics administer an emotional backdrop ns could always visualize in mine mind, producing a vivid video clip following along. At the time of relax I to be 19, maybe the ideal of times yet i powerfully connected to the songs deeper lyrics. Probably a article of warning, the experience, of truth. Beautiful song. Below I am some thirty years later... Isolating thru COVID-19 and also acknowledging this together my top Springsteen track. Be well.Barry native Sauquoit, NyOn April 23rd 1988* Bruce Springsteen performed "One action Up" in ~ the sports Arena in Los Angeles, California...At the time the song was at #13 top top Billboard"s hot Top 100 chart; it continued to be at #13 because that one week and also that would likewise be its height position top top the chart... It reached #3 on Billboard"s Adult modern Tracks chart...Was track four of side two on his eighth studio album, "Tunnel the Love", and also on November 1st, 1987 the album peaked in ~ #1 for 1 week ~ above Billboard"s optimal 200 Albums chart, it also reached #1 in Canada, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and also the joined Kingdom...Two various other tracks indigenous the album also made the top 100, and both also made the peak 10, "Brilliant Disguise" at #5 and "Tunnel that Love" at #9...* April 23rd, 1988 to be Roy Orbison"s 52nd birthday, and he was at the sports Arena that night and also the Boss brought him on stage and also the 15,352 concert goers sang "Happy Birthday"; sadly less than eight months after that December 6th, 1988 Mr. Orbison would pass away...May that R.I.P.Zachheart from Dallas, AzerbaijanThis is by much my favorite Bruce Springsteen tune ever. To me it expresses a an extremely vulnerable guy in the middle of a failing marriage, that doesn"t desire to end. I have the right to feel his pain once he sings this song. Some of his finest writing to this day. He has such depth to the very core that his heart in this song. Thanks Bruce! Alma native Laredo, TxIt seems that that really can identify through anyone who has tried to make a connection work. All relationship take work and also he knew exactly what they entail.Sarah native Kennewick, WaIs Bruce going come cheat once he utters the lines "She aint lookin too married and also me, well, honey, I"m PRETENDING?"Kevin from Memphis , TnThis classic was likewise used ~ above an illustration of "Cold Case" (perfect at the end in the wrap increase segment)Dave from mountain Antonio, TxSome days the feels pointless to argue. So girlfriend just except it there is no anger. THANX BRUCE! He have the right to write around LOVE and Pain without gift whiny.Scott indigenous Philadelphia, PaI have constantly liked this song. And also it seems whenever i am having a particularity poor day, ns hear this song. For me, it?s no necessarily around marriage, but more about the negative karma that emanates approximately me. I settle one thing and two more break. Almost every one of the song on this album are kinda depressing and mood killers; however still a very good album indeed.Brian indigenous Howell, NjI"m pretty certain component of this tune was offered in the ABC display CIVIL wars that starred Marguex(sp?) Hemingway the was around a regulation practice. In the show, she character was breaking up v her regulation partner. An extremely poignant in ~ the timeShelly from Mexia, TxI have actually just truly constantly loved the song and it hits residence for me due to the fact that when it came out my parental were having actually problems.see much more comments
She Loves YouThe Beatles

"She Loves You" by The Beatles to be the tune that convinced Ozzy Osbourne to do music his life. The Beatles were a big influence on him because they were also poor kids from a little town in England.

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HeroinThe Velvet secret

When the Velvet Underground tune "Heroin" got screechy, Maureen Tucker stopped drumming, figuring it would bust the take, however her bandmates maintained going. You can hear it in ~ the 5:20 mark.

skinny OnMajor lazer

"Lean On" was originally sent by major Lazer to both Rihanna and Nicki Minaj"s camps as a slower reggae track. ~ both next rejected the tune, significant Lazer recruited Danish singer MØ to supply vocals and also recorded that themselves.

Soak up The SunSheryl crow

Liz Phair sang back-up on Sheryl Crow"s "Soak up The Sun."

islands in the StreamKenny Rogers and Dolly Parton

"Islands in the Stream" was initially written by The punishment Gees as an R&B song. It was initially written by the brothers for Marvin Gaye, but it was recorded instead as a duet by Kenny Rogers and also Dolly Parton through the Gibb Brothers additionally contributing vocals.

Midnight Train to GeorgiaGladys article & the Pips

"Midnight Train come Georgia" was initially "Midnight plane To Houston," however was changed to sound an ext R&B.

thomas DolbySongwriter Interviews

He wrote "She Blinded Me through Science" so he can direct a video clip about a house for deranged scientists.

Mike Love of The beach BoysSongwriter Interviews

The command singer/lyricist of The Beach guys talks around coming up with the words because that "Good Vibrations," "Fun, Fun, Fun," "Kokomo" and other classic songs.

David Bowie text QuizMusic Quiz

How well perform you understand your David Bowie lyrics? take it this quiz to discover out.

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The finish Of The rock EraSong creating

There are no an ext rock stars - the critical one passed away in 1994.

Concert DisastersFact or Fiction

Ozzy biting a dove? Alice Cooper bring about mayhem v a chicken? Creed so negative they were sued? watch if you deserve to spot the real concert mishaps.

Jackie DeShannon - "Put a tiny Love in her Heart"They"re playing My tune

It wasn"t her best hit as a songwriter (that would certainly be "Bette Davis Eyes"), however "Put a tiny Love in your Heart" had a family connection for Jackie.