Known for too much speed and physical fitness, late Hong Kong-American martial artist Bruce Lee has end up being a legend martial arts figure regardless of having virtually no taped competitive fights. A modern-day of Lee"s, Chuck Norris has developed an acting and speaking career the end of his prominence in martial arts tournaments.

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Both men were born in 1940 and were on comparable career trajectories until Lee’s fatality in 1973. Their iconic fight scene in The way of the Dragon has actually further linked the two in pop society as kung fu masters of the East and West.

In contemporary culture, Bruce Lee is seen as a legendary figure with super-human abilities. Norris is still respect in martial art circles for his skill, however in modern popular culture, significantly exaggerated story of Norris’ abilities have actually veered into satire and also become net meme material. Ironically, Norris has a much much more substantial document of success together a fighter, but it was Lee who ended up being the social icon that a kung fu master.

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Bruce Jun pan Lee (李振藩, 李小龍; pinyin: Lǐ Zhènfān, Lǐ Xiăolóng; Cantonese:lei5 zan3 faan4,lei5 siu2 lung4 27 November 1940 – 20 July 1973) was an American-born Chinese Hong Kong martial artist, philosopher, instructor, martial arts Carlos ray "Chuck" Norris (born march 10, 1940) is one American martial artist, action star and television and also film actor that is well-known for activity roles such together Cordell pedestrian on Walker, Texas Ranger, his iconically tough image and also roundhouse kick.
27 November 1940 March 10, 1940
San Francisco, California, USA Ryan, Oklahoma, joined States
Lee Jun-Fan Carlos beam Norris
Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do Chun kuk Do
Bruce Lee structure (
Enter the Dragon; Fist of Fury; video game of Death; The way of the Dragon The way of the Dragon; Breaker! Breaker!; Walker, Texas Ranger
One that Time Magazine’s 100 most influential world of the 20th century. 1968-1973 professional Middleweight Karate champion, 1969 Fighter of the Year. 1990 first westerner through 8th degree black belt.

Personality Overview

Chuck Norris is one American martial artist and also actor. After offer in the United claims Air Force, he started to focus on martial arts. Eventually, his success in tournaments brought about a job in movies and television, and also he is now an ext well recognized for his long-running television series, Walker, Texas Ranger. In a bizarre twist, chuck Norris has actually been a well-known subject in web memes that focus on his utter invincibility.

Bruce Lee to be Hong Kong-American martial artist, actor, and also filmmaker. He climbed to stardom v a series of above movies; his early death at the height of his fame and prowess only served to heighten his legend over time. He was 32 year old when he passed away of cerebral edema (swelling the the brain), thought to be cause by a reaction from various pain medications he was taking, although theories of foul play persist. Unlike Norris, Lee go not participate in countless competitive fights or tournaments, but became more well known during demonstrations where he would execute things favor two-finger push-ups or his famous one inch punch.

Career Overlap

Bruce Lee and also Chuck Norris an initial met in 1964 at a martial arts demonstration in lengthy Beach, California. They were both highly successful martial artists, and also their parallel job tracks arised when Lee asked Norris to show up in a movie he to be making. Norris’ illustration in the last fight step of means of the Dragon, in which the fights Lee in the roman inn Coliseum, brought him come fame. The step is now considered not only among Lee’s many legendary fight scenes, but one that the most memorable martial arts scenes in the history of film. Lee and also Norris stayed friends and also occasionally sparred v one another, yet despite well-known belief, they never ever actually combated one another competitively. When asked in an interview who would have won in a fight, Norris declined to give an answer.

Way the the Dragon struggle sequence:

Fighting Philosophy

Bruce Lee eventually occurred a distinctive fighting philosophy and also style, which he dubbed Jeet Kun Do. He discovered that traditional fighting styles and techniques were too rigid and dogmatic for the real people of street fighting, and also aimed for a ‘style of no style.’ He became world renowned for his physics fitness and also commitment come training, which consisted of running, weightlifting, fencing, boxing and stretching. He likewise consistently emphasized the prominence of mental and spiritual training alongside the physics training.

Bruce Lee at the long Beach demonstration:

Like Lee, lining Norris arisen his own fighting style. He calls the Chun Kuk Do, a combination of plenty of fighting styles, however with a primary structure of flavor Soo Do. Norris concentrates as much on personal and spiritual expansion as that does ~ above the physical elements of fighting. In Chun Kuk Do, there space 10 rules to live by, including positive thinking, kindness to others, and loyalty come God and also country.

Chuck Norris competition fight:

Acting Career

Lee was the boy of a famous opera star, and appeared in several movies as a child. Together an adult he initially rejected the idea of follow a movie career, choosing to emphasis on his martial arts, but in 1965 television and also movie producers and also writers started offering that roles. He showed up in the TV series The environment-friendly Hornet, which brought about other television roles and also eventually movies. By 1972’s The method of the Dragon, that was provided full an imaginative control to write, choreograph, and also direct the hit scenes. Lee passed away right prior to the release day for the movie, which go on to come to be one 1973’s greatest flicks; it remains a classic martial arts film. It additionally spurred a short martial arts fad in the unified States, through songs and TV shows about kung fu obtaining popularity.

Norris made his acting debut in 1969, in the Dean Martin movie The Wrecking Crew. 1972"s The way of the Dragon, wherein Norris met Lee for the first time, to be a milestone in Norris" career and also is considered responsible for his stardom. Norris became Cannon"s most prominent star in the four years adhering to his first successful starring function in Breaker! Breaker! in 1977. In the direction of the finish of 80s, Norris" career took a dip until he began shooting for his popular series, Walker, Texas Ranger, in 1993, i m sorry lasted eight year on CBS and continued to air on various other channels, consisting of the Hallmark Channel.

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Because of his speed, accuracy and also technique, Bruce Lee has involved be thought of together a legend through superpowers in contemporary culture. This faked commercial clip reflecting Lee play ping pong through nunchucks is widely accepted as an authentic clip:


Time Magazine called Lee as among the 100 most influential world of the 20th century. There is now a 7-foot high Bruce Lee frostbite in LA’s Chinatown.

In 1968 chuck Norris won the expert Middleweight Karate champion title, which he organized on to for six consecutive years. In 1969 he also won the most fights the anyone the year, and was called ‘Fighter that the Year’ by black Belt Magazine. In 1990 he was the very first westerner to get an 8th level black belt in Tae Kwon Do.