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Bears have the right to come in a range of sizes!

There are eight types of bear in the world, each one coming in a various size, color, and also even shape. In fact, simply a fast bear size comparison will display just how various each varieties of bear deserve to be.

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However, when you can see the differences in a picture, it have the right to be difficult to wrap her head roughly just how large a polar be affected by each other is compared to a panda be affected by each other or how you would certainly measure up to a grizzly bear. This complete bear size comparison will tell you every little thing you should know about the dimension of various bears – and also more!

Human Vs. Bear size Comparison

While most bears aren’t bigger than people when on all fours, they have the right to be lot taller once they stand up!

Imagine this.

You’re in the forest, and you stumble across a bear. Would you see eye come eye?

No issue the species, if they’re on all fours, you most likely don’t need to worry about any an extensive eye contact with a bear. However, once it concerns standing on their hind legs, you may discover that certain species pose more of a danger than others.

Take the American black color bear because that example. When they’re ~ above the ground, their shoulder height tends come max out at around 41 inches. For reference, that’s simply a bit shoulder than your average 5-year-old. However, as soon as they stand on your hind legs, you could find yourself staring right into their soul, together a black color bear’s height ranges native 5 to 7 feet tall. At that height, they can even be taller than you – and they’re the the smallest bear in north America!

For polar bears, though, they don’t have to stand on your hind legs to prove their height. As the biggest bear in the human being (followed carefully by brown bears), their shoulder height can be as lot as 5 feet. Include in the additional inches for their head, and that’s more than tall sufficient to check out eye to eye with many humans. On your hind legs, however, they deserve to be as tall as 10 feet!

When it pertains to weight, most bears easily outmatch the mean human. However, with a maximum weight of approximately 250 pounds, panda bears often balance the scale with humans.

Polar Bear size vs Bears

Polar bears space the biggest bear on Earth!

Born weighing only around a pound, it might be difficult to believe these small polar be afflicted with cubs can flourish to it is in the biggest bears on Earth. Also just your paws can thrive up to 10 customs in diameter!

At a full-standing elevation of 10 feet tall, girlfriend may currently know the polar bear aren’t a force to it is in reckoned with once it involves height. ~ all, couple of bears can proclaim the location of “largest be afflicted with in the world”. However, you might be surprised to find out that their elevation isn’t the best representation of your weight.

The largest polar bear ever before recorded was discovered in Alaska. At 12-feet tall, it boasted a load of end 2,000 pounds. Yet, this is an outlier once it pertains to how lot polar bears weigh. On average, adult females weigh less than 600 pounds. Males weigh just a little more than 1,500 pounds.

While this might seem like a many – after ~ all, 1,500 pounds weighs the very same as one and also a half grand pianos! – it no the heaviest the bears can be. In fact, several of the bear in this bear dimension comparison overview weigh much more than a polar bear, despite they aren’t as tall.

Grizzly Bear dimension vs. Various other Bears

Grizzly bears’ big mouths enable them to easily catch and eat salmon.

While polar bears might be taken into consideration the biggest of the be afflicted with species, it wasn’t a win by a landslide. In fact, once it pertains to size, polar bears and grizzly bears room neck at neck. No literally, though, as wherein polar bears was standing at about 5 feet in ~ the shoulders, grizzly bear are just a little an ext than 3 feet.

However, when it comes to weight, the grizzly bear have the right to tip the scale on polar bears. In fact, the biggest brown be afflicted with subspecies can reach practically 1,700 pounds – that’s nearly a frozen fridge heavier than a polar bear! Grizzly bears additionally have larger paws, with many males sporting mittens approximately 15 customs in diameter.

That’s not consisting of their claws, however, which can be over 4 customs long. Polar bears have tendency not to grow claws over 2 inches, though they’re known for cheater points.

Black Bear dimension vs. Bears

Black bears are one of the the smallest bears in north America

The American black color bear is the the smallest bear in north America, despite it isn’t precisely a top challenger for the the smallest bear in the entire civilization – for reasons you’ll shortly learn.

Black bear can prosper up come 75 inches native snout come rump and can sweet as lot as 1,000 pounds in exceptional cases. Because that reference, that’s approximately the exact same weight together a baby grand piano. However, females have the right to weigh as small as 90 pounds and also as lengthy as only 50 inches, i m sorry is one factor this species of be afflicted with is taken into consideration the smallest in north America.

Compared to various other bear species, it would take approximately two black bears stack to same the same elevation of a polar be affected by each other on its hind legs, and virtually three to balance the range with a grizzly bear. No to cite that your paws, in ~ 5 inch long, aren’t lot bigger 보다 a human’s hand.

Panda Bear dimension vs. Bears and also Humans

Despite gift a “giant”, giant pandas are smaller than black color bears!

While panda bears aren’t the smallest bear in the world (no, that award goes come the sun bear!), they room the smallest on this list. In fact, it would certainly take almost 7 pandas to sweet the exact same as a grizzly bear. With a maximum size of 74 inches, pandas are almost equal to black bears, despite it’s more likely to find them native 46 inches and up.

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How walk this compare to the polar bear? when it comes to height, you may need to stack 3 pandas together prior to you can accomplish the polar bear’s 10-foot height. Pandas also weigh about fifty percent of the a full-grown female polar bear. In fact, if you were to location them next by side, you would certainly hardly be able to tell they were related!

One of the key reasons because that this size difference is diet. Hypercarnivores prefer polar bears room able come build much more mass and also size, enabling them to quickly tower over smaller omnivores such as pandas.