The bulk of school Board that Broward ar members to be not ready to choose the interim superintendent on Tuesday together the irreversible superintendent.

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The majority of school Board the Broward ar members were not all set to appoint the interim superintendent top top Tuesday together the long-term superintendent.
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The bulk of institution Board of Broward county members to be not ready to choose the interim superintendent ~ above Tuesday together the irreversible superintendent.

The nine-member plank voted 6-3 versus the appointment of Vickie Cartwright, the interim superintendent. Nora Rupert, who proposed the item, Donna P. Korn, and also Rosalind Osgood were the sustaining votes.

“I think she has risen come the challenge,” Korn said, including she wanted to put the nationwide find by Ray and Associates top top hold.

Members of the college board the Broward ar Nora Rupert, left, Donna P. Korn, right, and Rosalind Osgood, center, said they are prepared to appoint Vickie Cartwright, together the long-term superintendent. (BCPS)

The plank agreed to hire Cartwright as the interim superintendent on July 28 and her ax — with an yearly base value of $275,000 — started on Aug. 2. The agreement precludes her from applying for the job, and some school board members stated they desire to adjust that.


Osgood, the board’s chair, stated she was ready to support appointing Cartwright, as the superintendent, to produce stability during a crisis and also said she to be worried around the board’s absence of urgency.

“We room two months in. What’s various for me is we room in a pandemic,” Osgood said adding, “I nothing think we have actually a year or 2 to wait.”

Cartwright and Osgood have stood next by next in the opposite to education Commissioner Richard Corcoran’s punitive steps to bring out Gov. Ron DeSantis’ ban on face mask mandates.

The agenda item’s executive summary credited Cartwright’s “collaborative leadership style” with garnering the trust of plenty of district partners and also stakeholders.


Anna Fusco, the Broward teachers Union president, said during the meeting that the college board needs Cartwright’s “new good leadership,” her suffer in education, and also her “grace and also decency.”

From left, the college board members that voted versus the appointment were Laurie rich Levinson, Patricia Good, sarah Leonardi, Lori Alhadeff Ann Murray and Debra Hixon. (BCPS)

Lori Alhadeff, a school board member, stated the national search is important, yet she desires to support a movement to readjust Cartwright’s contract, for this reason she can apply for the permanent position in the future.

School plank members Ann Murray and Laurie wealthy Levinson claimed there demands to it is in a nationwide search for a superintendent and a much more inclusive process.

“She has actually only been here a quick time,” Murray said.

Levinson, Murray and also Debra Hixon, a school board member, claimed they are open up to permitting Cartwright to use for the job, however they weren’t ready to appoint her.

“An interim superintendent is a term the is made up. She is our superintendent,” Hixon said, later adding, she is “perfect for our district.”

Cartwright replaced Robert Runcie, the superintendent native 2011 come Aug. 10, as the interim superintendent after ~ the institution board i agree on his $754,900 separation agreement.


Florida room of legislation Enforcement policemans arrested Runcie top top April 21 top top a state perjury charge. A cool jury investigate the 2018 Valentine’s job massacre in ~ Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school in Parkland indicted Runcie because that allegedly contacting a evil in a criminal case and denying it.

If institution board members amend her contract and she uses for the job and gets hired, Cartwright would become the very first woman to serve as a BCPS superintendent.

More about Cartwright

She deserve a bachelor’s level in music education and learning from the university of Florida and master’s and also doctorate levels from the university of southern Mississippi.
She was an adjunct instructor in ~ the university of main Florida.

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She is Orlando ar Public Schools’ previous associate superintendent for outstanding students education.

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