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Merrilee Ehrlich to be a referee of the 17th justice Circuit Court in Florida. She was elected on November 4, 2008, and took office the complying with January.<1><2><3> She to be re-elected there is no opposition in 2014.<4><5> She resigned ~ above April 23, 2018.<6>

On April 20, 2018, the Miami Herald reported that Ehrlich to be resigning, following the death of a defendant the had appeared in front of Ehrlich top top April 15, 2018. Sandra Faye Twiggs died three days after showing up in Broward ar court ~ above misdemeanor charges. The Herald obtained video from the courtroom showing Ehrlich scolding the defendent and also her attorneys. Twiggs was discovered dead by household on the morning the April 18, 2018, a work after gift released indigenous jail. Howard Finkelstein, the chosen public defender the Broward County, dubbed for Ehrlich to be banned indigenous the courthouse since of the incident.<7>



See also: Florida righteousness elections, 2014Ehrlich ran because that re-election to the seventeenth Circuit Court.As an unopposed candidate, she was instantly re-elected without showing up on the ballot.<4> 


Ehrlich obtained a B.A. Degree in sociology indigenous Boston college in 1972 and also a J.D. Degree from Nova university in 1979.

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Ehrlich began her career together an assistant state attorney. She then opened up her very own private regulation practice. After functioning in that volume for over 25 years, she was chosen to the circuit court in 2008. She has also served together a mediator, arbitrator and guardian advertisement litem.<2><8>