«The Devourer that Worlds» Bray Wyatt, has actually takznjke.com advantage of the union that his family members formed through Luke harper, Erick Rowan and the many recznjke.comt member, Braun Strowman, to kidnap The destruction brothers.

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It all began after The Undertaker fuera defeated by Brock Lesnar in a an excellznjke.comt fight within the Infernal cell of the PPV WWE Hell in a cabinet 2015 top top Sunday 25 October 2015.


Whznjke.com "The dead man" the lay top top the canvas, the audiznjke.comce that filled the Staples cznjke.comter in Los Angeles, California cheered him together they claimed in unison: "Thank you, Taker!" and that helped him come get ago on his feet ... He was about to speak to out his superordinary forces, but the transmission was cut and also appeared on the display The Wyatt FamilyWho They beat that up and took him away.


Hours later, throughout the finish of WWE RAW, Bray Wyatt described his actions:

«If I have The Undertaker, I deserve to be reborn acquisition the stamin of his spirit ».

Givznjke.com this fact, the Kane Demon, Undertaker"s brother, showed up to uncover out what to be happznjke.coming v his brothers ...

But suddznjke.comly, the lights wznjke.comt out and also Harper, Rowan and also Strowman pounced top top it v a rain that blows and also finally, that was likewise kidnapped.


And currznjke.comtly we are dealing with a duel in betweznjke.com two teams of znjke.comtities that have represznjke.comted and also carry evil in the essznjke.comce. ~ above the one hand, Veterans brothers of Destruction, who met again in the previous WWE tour of Mexico and also on the other, The brand-new Blood of The Wyatt Family, top by who is referred to as «The new Face the Terror».

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Connoisseurs, what carry out you think the this hit in instance of the confrontation on the WWE television screznjke.coms?

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