Kevin announces he and also Scotty are acquiring married; Justin tells everyone that Rebecca isn"t a Walker; buy it reports there might be another Walker son; and also Saul come out



That was Scotty’s reaction when Kevin came home from reporting your engagement to his family and announced the Rebecca is no a Walker. It’s also exactly how I felt once this episode ended and also I realized that ns was no longer basking in the afterglow of the boys’ Nora-enhanced nuptials. Instead, ns was already wondering wherein the writers will certainly take this ”William can still have a sixth child out there” story line next season. Honestly, what’s the point? Is it simply to present that Holly might’ve been informing the fact when she claimed she never lied to William around Rebecca gift his daughter, or will the Walkers now try to discover Ryan, the son of the so late lobbyist william presumably partied with when he visited food-industry conventions?

Let’s back up. The season finale of Brothers & Sisters started with a family meeting in ~ Nora’s house. Of course, Kevin assumed it was because they’d somehow found out the he’d gotten engaged to Scotty. Yet actually, it was so Nora can stall long enough that Justin take it it upon himself to share the nznjke.coms about Rebecca: ”Rebecca’s no our sister. Dad wasn’t her dad. DNA, gotta love it.” (You additionally gotta love the they’re letting Justin it is in funny and also such a dude, as of late. Now if we can just acquire him a job various other than family members courier…) Sarah automatically went right into Blame-Holly Mode, and also before long, she and also Tommy were questioning Holly around her intentions concerning the merger of walker Landing and also Ojai Foods. Holly admitted she around Rebecca’s paternity test yet said she only motivation was the feeling that she fan it to wilhelm to save his company. Sarah intimidated to sue Holly because that fraud, believing the the just reason wilhelm would’ve left her $10 million was that he thought Rebecca was his. (That’s as soon as Holly denied lying come William. That believes her?) Super-sleuth buy it went earlier through she father’s an individual files, and also stumbled top top the photo that started it all — a infant sitting ~ above William’s car. At Kevin’s wedding, she gave the photo to Rebecca, who said it wasn’t also her. Throughout the sibling conference that followed, everyone thought Sarah to be crazy for suggesting that they could still have actually a fifty percent brother or sister somznjke.comhere with the initial R. Yet later, many thanks to Kevin’s amazing storage of his father’s very first attempt come bond v him ~ he come out of the closet, the recalled that the photo was of a boy named Ryan. William had actually said it to be the kid of a female girlfriend who’d happen away. Kevin and also Sarah at some point told Nora, and also while component of me want to hear her reaction — we just saw she sink to she seat — component of me to be happy that us didn’t. I didn’t have tissues handy, and also I’m i was sure Sally field would have actually made me need one. Just how poignant that earlier in the episode, Nora told Kevin that even if you expect the worst the someone, that doesn’t typical it won’t hurt as soon as it happens. And also here she was, hearing that her husband might have had much more than one work — an idea the we observed both her and Holly contemplate in ~ his grave earlier in the season.

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Kevin’s flashbacks to wilhelm were, i thought, cleverly functioned into the episode. Scotty’s parental wouldn’t involved the wedding, which naturally made Kevin think of his partnership with his dad. It take it years for william to expropriate Kevin, and also in the first flashback, we experienced William questioning Kevin about his personal life — and telling him around the mrs acquaintance that had actually just died and also left a husband and also three children. Remembering just how hurt the was once William didn’t make him feel as loved together Sarah, Kitty, Tommy, and also Justin, Kevin made decision he’d contact Scotty’s parents. And also because Justin hadn’t realized the Friday was lesbian night in ~ the gay bar he and Tommy had planned to take it Kevin to for his bachelor party, they decided they’d all road pilgrimage to Scotty’s parental in Phoenix. Now, I understand that that trip was necessary, since otherwise Kevin never would have acquired the cuff web links from Scotty’s dad, which make Scotty feel the his father to be attempting come bond, which make Kevin flash back to the plane ride through William during which castle reconnected and William determined the photo of Ryan. Still, ns would have actually loved to have actually seen the pedestrian boys memory Kevin’s holy ”mantrimony” at an upscale gay bar with warm dudes, no nudity, and off-street parking. You recognize Justin and also Tommy would certainly have acquired competitive over who was being hit on more (cough, Justin).

Kevin’s visit through Scotty’s parents to be noble yet frustrating. I’m no sure how much more dialogue that would’ve realistically had with two complete strangers, however I so want him to provide a an excellent closing dispute — miscellaneous you could imagine Alan coast (James Spader) moving on Boston Legal. Instead, he just caved once Scotty’s young-looking mommy (guest star Jayne Brook) said she loved she son yet couldn’t be asked come sit v a ”contrived event” the she’d discover ”too painful” and ”insulting.” I can imagine why she’d use words ”painful”: as soon as a girlfriend of mine came out to her mommy in college, the thing her mother seemed many upset about was the idea the she’d never be able to throw she daughter a ”real” wedding. Yet I wish Kevin would have asked her what around it was ”insulting.” The scene seemed rushed.

What to be played to perfection was Nora’s assistance of — and interference v — the ceremony. (Wouldn’t that be wonderful if a mother of a gay son watched Nora say thanks to Scotty because that making Kevin happy and also finally started to get it?) As fun as it was to clock Kevin shut under Nora every time she tried come be she usual loving-but-intrusive self, it provided me chills once she told the why she went versus his wishes and also made the life room look prefer a flower shop: due to the fact that he and Scotty deserved one evening simply as romantic and also memorable as anyone else’s. (Considering they had actually to lend Robert’s and also Tommy’s rings due to the fact that they’d forget to buy your own, that was a little like their weddings.) Saul called the awareness the bravest action he’s ever witnessed, which to be moving. Yet it to be Kitty’s words together officiant that gained me (and Sarah, you can have noticed) weepy. She called the story of Kevin’s very first wedding — to her, once they to be younger. Kitty stated she obtained to undertake Nora’s white nightgown (even though Kevin want to), and be the mom of the five kids they had actually after Mr. McBear pronounced castle man and wife, due to the fact that that’s the only case they But when you let walk of what you thought would be, you have the right to experience the joy of what is. For Kevin, that’s being carried over the threshold through a guy who adores him; for Kitty, that’s realizing that the life you develop for a kid is an ext important than how the child was created. Translation: She’s all set to adopt.

While ns eagerly await seeing whether the fostering story line gives Rob Lowe sufficient to do following season — or if his Robert becomes together peripheral as Tommy’s wife, Julia — I’m an ext impatient to know just how the authors will work-related out the Justin and also Rebecca relationship. Till I read some the the comment on last week’s TV Watch, ns didn’t realize exactly how skeeved out of you were at the thought of them ending up being a couple. It’s never bothered me, probably due to the fact that as soon as ns felt the attraction building, ns assumed they weren’t related. But you have a point: The personalities thought they were related, so just how do they make the switch? I’m not sure the writers also know. Castle bought themselves a little bit of time by having actually Rebecca accomplish Justin ~ above a hilltop — an as necessary isolated point out for discussing such a rare instance — come tell him that she can’t carry out what he desires her to. For a moment, I thought she intended she couldn’t ”start over” and also pretend that she hadn’t just spent a year reasoning that she was his sister. But actually, she meant that she couldn’t pretend that she doesn’t know him as well as she does, that he isn’t the person she wants to talk to most. Maybe, she said, the secret of she paternity was simply a method for she to meet him. Justin responded through a an easy kiss, which was followed by part awkward giggling and also the admission that no of them knows what to execute next. Ns wonder exactly how the household will answers if Justin and Rebecca go public with their shared feelings. Tommy sounds prefer he’d it is in supportive. Shockingly, for this reason does Kevin. The the pedestrian women, I’d be many concerned about Nora. She claimed she’d always consider Rebecca a member the the family members after she helped get her through Justin’s time in Iraq. However then again, because of that, Nora’s seen more than anyone how much Rebecca cares for Justin, and also we recognize that she simply wants her kids to it is in loved. All I can say is, it’s walking to it is in weird the very first time Nora look at Rebecca coming out of Justin’s bedroom. Execute we think there’s any chance Rebecca and Justin will relocate in with each other elsznjke.comhere? Though ns guess that means both of them would have to have an income. What do those two perform all day? That’s another an excellent question i saw raised in last week’s comments.

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So how do you feel about where things space headed because that Rebecca and also Justin now? exactly how would you choose to see the story of william Walker’s (alleged) 4th son unfold next season? and also how will certainly you endure the summer there is no this series? I’ll miss out on the drama, but I’ll also pine for the subtle moments that make watching a scripted, character-driven present so fulfilling. Like when Kevin said Scotty he required to tell that something important before the ceremony, and also Scotty instantly asked, ”Did something happen in the living room?” and also when Saul come out to the room of walker children since he presume gossip young Kevin had already broken the nznjke.coms because that him. And also even the means Tommy and Justin reclined in their seats in the automobile instead of pacing together I would have done had actually my sibling just entered the den of challenging in-laws.