Jonathan Scott (l) enjoys the winning moment when he defeats brother drew Scott (r), with girlfriend Linda Phan (c), in HGTV"s brother vs. Brother. (Photo: company Wire)

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Jonathan Scott (l) enjoys the winning moment when the defeats brother drew Scott (r), through girlfriend Linda Phan (c), in HGTV"s brothers vs. Brother. (Photo: company Wire)

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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In critical night’s epic finale of HGTV’s Brother vs. Brother, the network’s can be fried home advancement and home flipping contest, home Brother Jonathan Scott to be crowned the winner. The four-episode competition collection featured fun-filled sibling rivalry together Jonathan and Drew vied to view who could most successfully renovate and resell a ras Vegas fixer upper. The sale of both brothers’ renovated houses yielded a benefit of $88,888, which will certainly be donated come the southern Nevada affiliate of HGTV’s longtime charity partner, Rebuilding Together, a nationwide organization that transforms the stays of low-income master by providing an important home repair to enhance the safety and also health of your homes and revitalizing the areas in which lock live.

The donation will certainly be offered for much-needed repairs to a facility own by shift Services Inc., a ras Vegas non-profit organization that provides coherent work for adults with developmental disabilities.

“I will never ever let the live this down due to the fact that I won the most important season of brother vs. Brother,” claims Jonathan. “The best component of the competition, however, to be donating our profits to Rebuilding Together and also seeing those accumulation being put to an excellent use right below in our hometown of las Vegas.”

Cynthia Baca, executive director the Rebuilding with each other of southerly Nevada, added, “Thanks to the generosity of HGTV, Drew and also Jonathan, we room able to assistance the people served through change Services Inc., by remodeling one of their training facilities to accommodate additional clientele.”

brother vs. Brother pitted Jonathan and also Drew against each various other as they placed their house renovation and also real estate an abilities to the test. Indigenous demolition to sale, the guys buy two Las las vegas fixer uppers and totally renovate every room with their very own money. Each week, Jonathan and Drew went head-to-head in a collection of home innovation challenges and, come up the ante, the loser that the challenge faced dares such together dancing in an exotic male revue and wearing an embarrassing costume in the middle of a crowded public place. Online travellers to can examine out added behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive expanded cuts and also uncensored dares recorded by Drew and also Jonathan’s older brothers JD Scott.

“Jonathan to win me fair and also square. That’s fine, but that’s this season,” comment Drew. “Next time, note my words. Jonathan is going down.”

The brothers will certainly next appear on HGTV in the brand-new season of purchase & Selling, premiering on Wednesday, July 1, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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