Las las vegas police was standing guard throughout the shooting exterior the festival grounds the the path 91 Harvest in las Vegas on Oct. 1.David Becker / Getty Images
The estranged brother of las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock was arrested Wednesday on kid pornography dues stemming from an examination that predates the massacre.

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Bruce Paddock, 58, to be detained at a Los Angeles assisted-living facility, wherein he was awaiting surgical treatment for spinal stenosis. A felony complaint stated he had actually over 600 explicit images of minors in 2014 and had likewise swapped pornography.

He deals with 19 counts of sex-related exploitation the a child and one count of possession of kid pornography, the complaint says. He to be being held on $60,000 bond.

The LAPD claimed the images were uncovered inside a building where Paddock was squatting, yet they could not find him in ~ the time. ~ his brother"s crime, lock learned whereby he was and obtained a warrant, police said.

An attorney that Paddock said had actually represented that in criminal matters in the previous told NBC News that is no longer representing him and also declined come comment.

Another brother, Eric Paddock, who stays in Florida, said he had no comment on the arrest.

Bruce Paddock, brother of las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock, was arrested in a child-pornography case.Los Angeles Police Department

At the moment of the mass shooting on Oct. 1 that left 58 dead, Bruce Paddock told NBC News that he had not been in touch with his brothers Stephen for 10 years and had no idea why the skilled gambler would have opened fire on music festival attendees indigenous his room at the Mandalay Bay.

"I don"t know how he could stoop come this low point, hurting who else. It wasn"t suicide by cop because he killed himself," he claimed at the time. "He eliminated a bunch of people and also then killed himself for this reason he didn"t have to face whatever the was."

It was Bruce Paddock that revealed the their father to be a bank robber who as soon as made the FBI"s most-wanted list and also was judged by authorities to be "psychopathic" through "suicidal tendencies."

But the insisted that his brother wasn"t "mentally deranged" and listed that Stephen had never been in trouble v the legislation like that had.

Court records present Bruce Paddock has actually a criminal document stretching earlier to the 1980s, through convictions because that vandalism, criminal threats, theft and also driving with a suspended vehicle and other arrests because that which that was no convicted.

Paddock was annoyed that his brother"s monstrous crime had lugged attention to his own misdeeds, which he explained as "minor." He had actually to scramble to pay a well after it was reported that there to be an energetic warrant because that his arrest indigenous a vandalism instance in i m sorry he had actually failed to perform neighborhood service.

"I"m not proud of it," that said. "But I never ever went come prison."

Stephen Paddock killed 58 world in las Vegas. Now his brothers Bruce is in custody on one unrelated matter.U.S. Federal government / via NBC News

FBI agents visited him double after the shooting, he said, and also were largely interested in his brother"s childhood.

In the work after the las vegas carnage, Paddock frantically tried to reconnect through members that his broken family, leaving message for another brother Eric and also reaching the end to the attorney for Stephen"s girlfriend, Marilu Danley.

"I desire to check out if we might patch up what we destroyed so plenty of years ago," the said. He included that he had only succeeded in getting to his elderly mother, "and she"s yelling at me all the time not to speak to anyone."

Earlier this week, Paddock said he was concerned around the fate the his brother"s remains and also had got to out come the coroner"s office in Nevada to check out if the could insurance claim them.

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