Drew and also Jennifer Hoefert died alongside your 14-year-old daughter in a head-on car collision in Montana



Three members the a south Dakota family, including a teenage girl, were killed in a head-on vehicle crash in Montana that also injured her 2 siblings and killed the driver of the other vehicle, according to a GoFundMe and also local reports.

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Drew and also Jennifer Hoefert died on July 31 in a crash near Whitehall alongside their 14-year-old daughter Abby Vitek, follow to a GoFundMe page.

The couple's youngsters Blayre and also Cooper were reportedly hospitalized, and their condition remains unknown.

The deadly collision happened Saturday approximately 5 a.m. Near mile marker 241 that I-90 between Butte and also Whitehall, according to NBC/Fox affiliate KDLT, which determined the family members as the victim in the crash.

The Montana Highway Patrol said a 45-year-old Spokane guy was driving his Chevrolet Suburban eastbound in the westbound lanes as soon as he win the family's Chevrolet Traverse head-on, according to NBC affiliate KECI.

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The man's vehicle reportedly "rotated counterclockwise" and also rolled down the interstate till it came to rest top top the concrete median. He to be pronounced dead in ~ the scene, and officials suspect he may have actually been under the affect of drugs, according to CBS affiliate KRTV.

The Traverse, meanwhile, concerned rest in a ditch, and also three of the household members were additionally pronounced dead at the scene, KECI reported. No the woman nor the girl to be wearing a seat belt, according to the outlet.

The couple's 2 youngest children, 8 and 2 year old, to be transported come St. James Hospital in Butte, according to KRTV and the GoFundMe.

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A family members member created on on facebook that the team was ~ above their method to visit Drew's brother once tragedy struck.

"Life can change in such a short amount of time. This should have been a fun week filled v happiness and also love yet now that is together a substantial tragedy and also so much sorrow," the household member wrote.

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The GoFundMe page has actually so far raised much more than $52,000 to aid the Hartford family members with clinical expenses.

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