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The Real Housznjke.comives that Orange County star, 57, filed a sue on Thursday come Clark ar Court in Nevada versus Ayers, 51, alleging the owes her a far-reaching amount of money in unpaid loans.

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A couple of years later on in 2016, Gunvalson alleges the she and also Ayers gotten in into a composed agreement, in which the “acknowledged the balance due on the loans in the lot of $184,899 to Gunvalson.”

The lawsuit additionally states the Ayers “agreed to provide an accountancy of all sums payment to the in various revenue streams.”

The reality star additionally alleges in the lawsuit the she paid for Ayers’ legitimate fees from their 2013 legal action in Clark County, Nevada, due to the fact that he to be unable to cover the costs.

The lawsuit states the former couple entered another agreement, in which Ayers consented to payment Gunvalson ago $81,652.97.

“Although need has been made, Ayers has failed and also continues to fail come remedy or make an excellent on the said to Gunvalson; that there is currently due and also owing from Ayers come Gunvalson the amount of $81,652.97, plus pre-judgement interest, attorneys’ fees and costs,” the papers state.

Gunvalson’s lawsuit likznjke.comise reveals she’s suing Ayers because that fraud, alleging the he “intentionally represented to that he would promptly repay the funds borrowed from , when in reality had no intentionally of ever repaying either of the loans.”

actually and justifiably relied upon such misrepresentations of product facts make by the and suffered loss in overabundance of $15,000.00,” the records state.

Gunvalson’s lawsuit come after the Coto insurance money saleswoman speak on her plans to take Ayers to court ~ above the Real Housznjke.comives that Orange County reunion in November.

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“I’m walking after the … because that money he fan me. He fan me a lot. I have actually an Excel spreadsheet on him,” said Gunvalson. “I don’t relive the emotion, I desire my money back. The male lied come me and he’s no going to gain away v it.”

Ayers, that dated Gunvalson for five years before their break-up in July 2015, make headlines as soon as he admitted he had forged clinical records relating to his alleged cancer diagnosis in order to make it show up as though he had been a patient at cancer hospital City that Hope. Though he kept he to be diagnosed with stage 3 non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2013, Ayers asserted he drafted the fake files in order come quiet Gunvalson’s RHOC castmates, who had been questioning the validity the his disease at the time.

“I have made mine share of mistakes which ns regret. Ns pride myself in apologizing as soon as I am wrong or have wronged rather either purposely or unintentionally,” Ayers told human being in 2016. “Through the very first five years of dating Vicki, i was coined as a con man, low life, yellow digger, dead beat, etc. Nothing might be further from the reality in reality.”

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Real Housznjke.comives the Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson suing ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers end unpaid loans