around The long Goodbye

"The long Goodbye" is a song written by irish singer-songwriters Paul Brady and also Ronan Keating because that Brady"s 2000 album oh What a World. In 2001, the was covered by nation music duo Brooks & Dunn for their album Steers & Stripes. Ronan Keating released his version in April 2003 as the last solitary from his album destination (2002).

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I know they speak if you love somebodyYou should collection them freeBut it certain is hard to doIt sure is hard to doI recognize they to speak if you don"t come ago againThen it"s expected to it is in (so castle say)Those native don"t pull me through"Cause I"m quiet in love with youI spend each day right here waiting because that a miracleBut it"s just you and also me goin" with the millClimbin" increase a hillThis is the long goodbyeSomebody tell me whyTwo lover in love can"t do itJust what kinda love keeps break a heartNo issue how difficult I tryI constantly make friend cryCome on, baby, it"s end let"s challenge itAll that"s happening below is a long goodbyeSometimes ns ask my heart did we reallyGive our love a opportunity (just one much more chance)But I understand without a doubtWe turn it inside outAnd if we walked awayWould the make much more senseBut the tears me up insideJust to think we still might tryHow long must we keep running top top a carouselGoin" "round and also "round and also never acquiring anywhereOn a wing and also prayerThis is the long goodbyeSomebody phone call me whyTwo lover in love can"t make itJust what kinda love keeps break a heartNo issue how tough I tryI constantly make you cryCome on, baby, it"s over let"s challenge itAll that"s happening here is a long goodbyeLong goodbye(Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, goodbye)Oh-oh, oh(Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh)Mm, lengthy goodbye(Goodbye)(Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, goodbye)Oh, is a long goodbye

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Brooks & Dunn Brooks & Dunn was an American country music duo consisting of Kix Brooks and also Ronnie Dunn, that were both vocalists and songwriters. The duo was founded in 1990 with the pointer of Tim DuBois. Prior to the foundation, both members to be solo recording artists.

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Brooks created songs for man Conlee, Nitty Gritty dust Band and Highway 101 and released a solo album because that Capitol Records; both he and Dunn likewise charted two solo singles apiece in the 1980s. An ext »