NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - OCTOBER 20: (L-R) Inductee Ronnie Dunn and Kix Brooks the Brooks & Dunn seen with their hall of fame plaque during the 2019 country Music room of fame Medallion consciousness at nation Music room of Fame and also Museum ~ above October 20, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty images for country Music hall of Fame and Museum)

With 20 No. 1 access time on the us Charts and countless awards and honors, legend duo Brooks & Dunn have made one enduring influence on the landscape of country music. The group, made up of Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn, made a surname for us in the early on ‘90s with song such as “Brand brand-new Man” and also “Neon Moon,” and also from there, the hits simply kept coming. Throughout the ‘90s and also 2000s, Brooks & Dunn became the bestselling duo in nation music and also one that the bestselling duos in every music. The country Music room of call members have actually made one indelible note on the genre, and after two decades of music, it’s difficult to choose a few songs to highlight, however here room 10 the the best Books & Dunn melody according come Sounds favor Nashville.

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(Arranged Chronologically)

“Brand new Man” — from Brand brand-new Man

Brooks & Dunn started off their newly-minted career as a nation duo v their debut single, “Brand new Man,” in 1991. V its kicking country instrumentation, Dunn’s decision clear voice and Brooks’ impeccable harmonies, “Brand new Man” went on to become a successful tune for the group and also one of their most important tunes. The song, which to be the title monitor of their debut album, landed at No. 1 on the charts, offering the duo a palpable springboard on i beg your pardon to start their career.

2. “Neon Moon” — from Brand new Man

After kicking off your career through “Brand new Man,” Brooks & Dunn adhered to it up with “My Next broken Heart,” which make an impact, yet their third single “Neon Moon” is one because that which the duo is known. This track ushered in the duo’s distinct sound v its swinging nation vibe and also sultry steel guitar, i beg your pardon seems made for cruising down a Texas highway. “Neon Moon” came to be Brooks & Dunn’s 3rd consecutive No. 1 hit. The duo rerecorded the hit with Kacey Musgraves for their 2019 album, Reboot.

3. “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” — from Brand brand-new Man

Brooks & Dunn retained their string of access time coming and also continued establishing themselves together future nation superstars through the relax of their 4th official single, “Boot Scootin’ Boogie.” In this standard tune, the duo sing about a night out in a nation bar where plenty of heat dancing, specifically the “Boot Scottin’ Boogie,” ensues. In the song, lead singer Dunn sings the moves of the run (“Yeah, heel, toe, docie do, come on baby, let’s go boots scootin’”) while nation fiddle and also other instrumentation ago him up. The song is responsible for the rebirth of line dancing in the ‘90s. “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” ended up being the duo’s 4th consecutive No. 1.

4. “My Maria” — indigenous Borderline

After “Boot Scootin’ Boogie,” Brooks & Dunn continued to release much more hits transparent the early on to mid-nineties. Some of these include “That Ain’t No way To Go” and also “She’s not The Cheatin’ Kind,” but one more classic Brooks & Dunn track came in 1996 v “My Maria.” initially released through B.W. Stevenson in 1973, Brooks & Dunn taped their cover variation for your Borderline album. Featuring slightly much more country manufacturing than the initial track, Brooks & Dunn’s variation of the track shot come the peak of the country charts.

5. “If You see Him/If You watch Her” (with Reba McEntire) — native If You view Her

Kix Brooks, Ronnie Dunn and Reba McEntire have always enjoyed a an excellent friendship through one another. The three legendary singers introduced their “Reba, Brooks & Dunn: with each other in Vegas” residency in ~ Caesar’s palace in ras Vegas in 2015, but their friendship started long prior to that. In 1998, the singers collaborated on the heart pain tune, “If You see Him/If You see Her.” In the track, Dunn and also McEntire play two estranged lovers who still have actually feelings for one another, however won’t admit it. This standard collaboration became yet an additional No. 1 because that the duo and also for McEntire.

6. “Ain’t nothing ‘Bout You” — from Steers & Stripes

Like George Strait, McEntire, Alan Jackson and also many other country singers, Brooks & Dunn preserved their high career success going into the 21st century, and they kicked the off with “Ain’t nothing ‘Bout You” in 2001. This tune saw an evolution in Brooks & Dunn’s sound, showcasing heavier guitar rather than violin and more traditional elements. In the control song, Dunn sings that the passionate love he has for his partner, underlining the there’s nothing about the woman he no love. The tune became yet another radio hit, landing in ~ No. 1.

7. “Red dust Road” — indigenous Red dust Road

In 2003, Brooks & Dunn released among their most important songs, “Red dust Road.” This tune from the album of the same name find Dunn recounting coming-of-age moments from his youth — such as drinking his an initial beer, walking on dates, and figuring out who he was — and they all occurred on the exact same “Red dirt Road” the his hometown. The track takes ~ above a nostalgic feeling that reasons listeners come reflect ~ above their own youth, also if those memories no take place on a red dirt road. With its solid country production and also Dunn’s strong voice, the duo took this standard tune to the height of the charts.

8. “It’s Getting far better All The Time” — indigenous The greatest Hits collection II

Many the Brooks & Dunn’s songs would certainly be welcome at any type of country house party, yet the duo has released an ext serious tracks as well.One of these is “It’s Getting better All The Time,” a piano-led heartbreak track from The greatest Hits arsenal II released in 2004. The track finds Dunn singing from the view of a guy deep in the throes of depression after ~ the finish of a relationship. The song shows just how much the man in the story sunk after ~ the rest up, together he considers an easy things like arriving to work-related on time and abstaining indigenous alcohol as “getting better.” Dunn’s clean voice perfectly conveys the feel of the piece, and also the slow-moving heartbreak tune became yet an additional No. 1 because that the group.

9. “Play something Country” — from Hillbilly Deluxe

While the slow and also somber feeling of “It’s Getting better All The Time” verified successful because that Brooks & Dunn, the duo turn it up on their single, “Play other Country.” In this definitive nation hit exit in 2005, the guys of Brooks & Dunn call a story of a woman that walks into a bar demanding to hear nation music. The duo tell much more tales indigenous the wild night in the track while energetic electric guitar accompany them. The song got to the No. 1 spot and became the an initial hit from your Hillbilly luxurious album.

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10. “Believe” — from Hillbilly Deluxe

Immediately after the success that “Play something Country,” Brooks & Dunn released one of their many earnest songs, “Believe.” In this gospel-influenced tune, Dunn tells the heartwarming story that a young boy that befriends one old man who stays down the street. The two strike increase a friendship and the old man, Mr. Wrigley, at some point tells the boy around his wife and also son that passed away and also teaches the boy about heaven. The song follows the friendship that the two and the little boy’s trip to faith and also belief. While that did not come to be a No. 1 hit (it landed at No. 8), “Believe” proceeds to be among Brooks & Dunn’s most emotional songs and one that Dunn’s many impressive vocal performances.