Brooke Shields has actually captivated audiences and also given us all serious beauty goals because she was an child model. Not only is she (still) among the many gorgeous females to ever grace magazine covers and also movie and also TV displays — and also one who"s dated few of the hottest males in Hollywood — however she"s also a devoted mom and energetic philanthropist. Her hit sitcom "Suddenly Susan" celebrate the 25th anniversary of its premiere (seen here) on Sept. 19, 2021, for this reason to mark the milestone, is looking at few of the best moments in Brooke"s windy life from childhood on captured on camera.

Keep reading to take it a walk under memory lane…

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Born on might 31, 1965, to a design mother and a Revlon executive, management father, it was clear from the get-go that Brooke Shields was no ordinary baby. Talent agencies took note of she crystalline eyes and also doll-like features. At just 11 month old, not lengthy after she parents" divorce, she was actors in her an initial commercial — for ivory soap — which opened up the door to what would eventually come to be a lengthy career in Hollywood. Brooke is seen right here just days prior to her 13th date of birth in 1978.

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Although from the exterior it appeared that Brooke Shields live a charmed life — she took ballet, piano and riding lessons together she gone after a modeling job — she later revealed in her 2015 memoir "There to be a little Girl" that her childhood was plagued by emotionally abuse. Her mother, Teri, who had actually taken the duty of controlling Brooke"s career, was additionally an alcoholic and a manage freak who made life daunting for her daughter. Mother and daughter space seen right here in 1980.

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In 1978, Brooke Shields starred together a child prostitute in the movie "Pretty Baby," which was a source of dispute as people questioned her mother Teri"s management decisions and also the fact that Brooke, at simply 11, showed up sans clothing. Some claimed Brooke to be being exploited by her mother, when others witnessed her occupational as a breakout performance. She was also rumored to be dating other child gibbs Scott Baio during this time.

In 1978 at 13, Brooke Shields posed because that the sheathe of Seventeen magazine. The exact same year, fashion designer Calvin Klein released his denim line and would later hire Brooke to model his jeans, calling her "the most beautiful girl in the world." In 1981, Brooke — seen here in 1979 — famously said in a Calvin Klein ad, "You desire to know what comes between me and also my Calvins? Nothing." two networks banned the commercial because that being also risque.

In 1980, Brooke Shields starred in "The Blue Lagoon," a film around a young boy and girl who are shipwrecked top top a deserted island and also must fend because that themselves in the wild. Fresh from she "Pretty Baby" scandal, Brooke was again in the spotlight due to the fact that of she love scenes in the film v co-star Christopher Atkins. Roughly the exact same time, she was rumored come be date actor man Travolta.

Despite her fame, Brooke Shields was committed come completing she education. In 1983, she i graduated from Dwight-Englewood preparatory college in Englewood, brand-new Jersey, all while dating royalty (she had actually a short romance through Monaco"s Prince Albert). Automatically after graduation, Brooke enrolled at prestigious Princeton University, where she later completed a bachelor"s degree in romantic languages. Here, she"s checked out posing v her divorced parents, Teri and also Frank Shields, on her high school graduation day.

A young Brooke Shields is checked out here arriving at a party hosted by music market bigwig Quincy Jones in Los Angeles in July 1990.

While Brooke Shields wasn"t one to kiss and also tell, she revealed in 2014 that when she to be 22, she lost her virginity to none other than Superman himself. Brooke met other actor Dean Cain when attending Princeton and also said the 2 were instantly smitten. After your intimate encounter, Brooke felt for this reason overwhelmed that she ran out of the bedroom, worried about what her mom would think. She and also Dean moved on indigenous the awkward encounter and years later posed because that a photo together in ~ a Hollywood occasion in 1995, checked out here.

Brooke Shields is seen below celebrating her 21st date of birth at new York"s Nishi restaurant in 1986. The very same year, she shocked fans and also critics once she appeared on the sheathe of Playboy magazine.

At one time, Brooke Shields considered Michael Jackson to be among her the next friends. The two met in the early on "80s and maintained a solid friendship till 1991, once they drifted apart. Back many believed the pair had dated at some point, Brooke was adamant the they were just friends and once said Rolling stone magazine that Michael was "asexual" come her. They"re seen right here posing together at the 1993 Grammys.

After date Liam Neeson and also Michael Bolton in the at an early stage "90s, Brooke Shields fell in love through tennis star Andre Agassi in 1993. About the exact same time she affair v Andre began heating up, her partnership with mommy Teri was in shambles. Shortly prior to marrying Andre in 1997 (they"re seen right here together at the 1997 gold Globe Awards), Brooke fired her mommy as her manager after much more than 30 year together. In 1999, Brooke and Andre"s marriage ended in annulment after the confessed come her that he"d to be hiding his decision meth use for years.

In 1996, Brooke Shields landed the lead role on "Suddenly Susan," a comedy collection about a runaway bride who was figuring out single life while creating a weekly column. Brooke, who starred together Kathy Griffin, Judd Nelson and Nestor Carbonell, to be nominated for two golden Globes for she performance. The series ended in 2000.

Lady in red! at the 55th Annual gold Globe Awards in 1998, Brooke Shields come looking choose an Old Hollywood beauty. The year, she to be a nominee for best performance by one actress in a TV comedy or musical collection for her work on "Suddenly Susan" — her second nod in a row.

The year after "Suddenly Susan" ended, Brooke Shields stepped out to attend the 2001 American Music Awards.

After a rocky split from Andre Agassi, Brooke Shields discovered lasting love v Chris Henchy, a writer and film producer. The pair married in 2001 after simply eight months of dating. Instead of a huge wedding, the pair surprised your closest friends and family v a privately planned dinner-turned-marriage ceremony on Catalina Island turn off the coast of California. They"re seen here at the GLAAD Media Awards Gala in new York City a few months prior to their surprised nuptials.

Less than a month prior to she gave birth come her an initial child, Brooke Shields" father, frank Shields, pass away. Daughter Rowan Henchy arrived three weeks after that May 15, 2003. If coping through the loss of she father and also raising a newborn, Brooke occurred postpartum depression. In 2005, ~ working through her grief, she published "Down came the Rain," a publication detailing her struggles with postpartum depression. In 2006, Brooke provided birth to her second child, a infant girl named Grier.

Motherhood didn"t slow-moving down Brooke Shields" acting career. After working on Broadway and appearing on number of TV shows, Brooke was all set to take on a network series again. In 2008, she landed the role of Wendy ~ above the NBC drama "Lipstick Jungle," which was based upon "Sex and the City" author Candace Bushnell"s novel that the same name. Unfortunately, bad ratings resulted in the present to be canceled after just one season.

Following a long illness related to her dementia, Brooke Shields" mother, Teri Shields, passed far on Oct. 31, 2012. The loss was especially painful for Brooke as she felt she"d never gotten a possibility to pertained to terms through her and also her mother"s difficult, although deep loving, relationship. In 2014, Brooke published the memoir "There to be a little Girl" detailing her an overwhelming early years cultivation up and also working under her mother, who she explained as one alcoholic, but also someone she idolized as a child. Brooke and Teri are pictured right here in 2007.

In 2016, it came to light the Brooke Shields had actually struggled for practically 30 years to store away from a persistent stalker called John Rinaldi who"d befriended her mother many years earlier just to gain closer come Brooke. The tearful star and also her husband thorough odd interactions and also unwanted exchanges through a male they claim was emotionally unstable during his trial the June. (Here, Brooke is pictured heading to court to testify.) A judge later sentenced man to 60 work in jail and ordered him to permanently stay away from Brooke and also her family.

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Brooke Shields continued to stun in she 50s. In march 2017, she common this Instagram picture of it s her in a blue bikini v the caption, "The tough work is starting to pay off," offering fans everywhere major beach-body goals.

In 2017 and also 2018, Brooke Shields shown Sheila Porter ~ above "Law & Order: unique Victims Unit" (pictured), in addition to showing up on "Jane the Virgin" in 2018 and also 2019.

Brooke Shields attended the 2019 CFDA Fashion Awards in new York City looking favor an absolute vision. She arrived in this gorgeous, custom silver-sequins jumpsuit by Sachin & Babi the beautifully channeled "70s disco style.

Nothing has actually been more important to Brooke Shields 보다 making sure daughters Rowan and also Grier (seen below with Brooke and also husband kris Henchy at a February 2020 movie premiere) had actually a normal, healthy childhood. Farming up v an alcoholic mother made Brooke acutely mindful of exactly how sensitive children are to the problems of your parents. She as soon as told The Guardian she "rules v an stole hand."

Even ~ two years of marriage, Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy have remained stunner in love. The actress and the writer-producer room seen right here holding hands in new York City in might 2021 — one month after ~ celebrating their 20-year wedding anniversary. Next up because that Brooke? She"ll voice Vicki Vale ~ above the podcast series "Batman: The Audio Adventures," i beg your pardon debuts in September 2021, and also later in the year will star opposite wear Elwes in the Netflix holiday film "A castle for Christmas."




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