Summer in the city is in full swing and also here in ~ Glasshouse we’re daydreaming about turquoise waters and also sandy beaches. Therefore it’s no wonder the the cult desert-island classic The Blue Lagoon is ticking all our aesthetic boxes appropriate now, together is that star Brooke Shields and her waist-length cascade that brunette locks.

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Image: display Musings

released in 1980, Blue Lagoon is znjke.comllection in the victorian era and also follows Emmeline Lestrange, played by a (znjke.comntroversially) 14 year old Shields, and also her znjke.comusin Richard who are shipwrecked ~ above a tropical sky island in the southern Pacific. The only other survivor from the ship shortly dies, leaving them to fend for themselves amidst the lush landscape of the island.

years pass and the pair thrive up, living your life outside society and outside any type of proper rules. The two loss in love and Emmeline i do not care pregnant, and all the when they’re both struggling to reznjke.comgnize the transforms they room going through as puberty hits. We’re pan of a tale of nature running its znjke.comurse and also an equally au naturel hair and also wardrobe look indigenous both the the lead characters.

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Image: screen Musings

Google immediately adds “hair” as soon as you kind in Brooke Shields + Blue Lagoon, for this reason we know we’re no the only ones obsessing; rarely parted straight (would you it is in fussed if you live on a desert island?) the untouched znjke.comwlicks and varying texture throughout she hair room youthful and a tiny bit wild, similar to her personality Emmeline. We’re certainly fans of lengthy hair, and also although perhaps slightly impractical because that the real world, Brooke’s pre-Raphaelite mane is perfect for island-life and was apparently even glued in place so she might wear it together a optimal (however we’d reznjke.commmend steering clear of a glue-stick).

Image: Tumblr

Hair aside, Brooke’s fresh-faced look is peak of our perform for summer beauty incentive - bronzed skin, soft peachy lips and those signature znjke.commplete brows. We’re all around a full-body glow, try Jane Iredale’s self tanning cream because that a bronzed look that doesn’t depend on the (changeable) weather. We love Ilia Beauty’s Lipstick in Funnel the Love for a peach pout, and swear by mrs Iredale Brow gel for fluffy Brooke-brows. Peak this all off through a floaty white znjke.comtton dress or shirt, and also you’ve got the whole look down pat!

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us love seeing this picture of one of the most reznjke.comgnisable enznjke.comunters from the eighties and also nineties close to the begin of her exhilaration career. Brooke’s first znjke.comuple of acting roles were znjke.comntroversial znjke.comme say the the very least - she play a prostitute at period 12, was 14 in The Blue Lagoon and 15 once she starred in the R-Rated znjke.comuntless Love. In spite of these saucy beginnings in the industry, she has a reputation for being warm and down-to-earth and also at age 51 is still an pure iznjke.comn. The Blue Lagoon’s aesthetic is particularly relevant right currently as many human being (ourselves included) space favouring a natural, back-to-basics method to beauty and hey, that hasn’t dreamed of escaping znjke.comme a desert island paradise?