Brooke Valentine was one of the greatest personalities during her seasons on Love & i know well Hop: Hollywood. Recently, she revisited her time on the show and debunked the claims that she was “messy.” She additionally revealed the real reason why she isn’t on the. Show right now.

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Brooke Valentine | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Brooke Valentine top top ‘Love & hip Hop’

Prior come Love & i know good Hop: Hollywood, Valentine was known for gift a music artist. In the mid-2000s, she had actually a hit v the track “Girl Fight.” She stepped earlier from the industry to take care of her very first child, her son London, that was born in 2010.

Valentine to be on the present for two seasons. She was a supporting cast member in season 4 and a main cast member in season 5. After ~ season 5, she left the show. When on the show, Valentine’s storyline many chronicled her relationship woes with her boyfriend, Marcus Black. Another huge relationship because that her that was portrayed was her friendship through Daniel “Booby’ Gibson, which also turned romantic.

— Brooke Valentine (
4everBrooke) September 12, 2020

Later on, post-show, Valentine and Black revealed that acquired married and also were expecting a child. Valentine would go on to reveal that she wouldn’t be returning to the show and also would be taking a rest from tv to raise she child.

Brooke Valentine speaks around her time top top ‘Love & hip Hop’

The pair recently showed up on VH1’s YouTube channel because that Where are They Now?, which chronicles what former stars of the show have to be up to. Valentine talked about her stint on the shohw.

“I felt prefer I was telling it just how it is. If you want to call it messy walk ahead, but where is the lie?” claimed Valentine, as reported by mam Noire. “Where did ns lie? and also if I claimed something, did i say that to your face? So i feel like ‘messy’ is sneaky, conniving, whispering. It is my take of messy. I’m just like, ‘okay, you claimed that, yes I said you claimed it, aight cool, let’s keep it moving.’”

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Valentine talked around how the the objective of she (and the rest of the cast) being on the show was to have their lives illustrated on television. Since of this, she said she was not being messy since they had actually to questioning questions about things that emerged when cameras were rolling. “What room we right here to do? We’re life our lives in front of the camera,” she continued. “You can’t to whisper to me in the bathroom and also then the cameras room there, ‘I ain’t speak that!’ Yes friend did! currently I’m messy? ns messy because you said it?”

Though Valentine and also Black’s partnership woes played out on-screen, now that they. Aren’t on truth television at the moment, things in their relationship are much much better and they space in a very an excellent place. She said she took a step ago from the show once they welcomed their daughter, Chi Summer Black.

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“I didn’t want my baby to it is in petty,’ she explained. “So in my mind, if i wasn’t petty when I was pregnant, climate it wouldn’t enter her bloodstream and she would certainly come out no petty.” Still, she joked the her young daughter is petty similar to she is. “What is she? Petty! Pettiest existing I’ve ever before received in life,” she joked.

Valentine has not proclaimed if she and Black setup to ever before return to Love & hip Hop: Hollywood. The upcoming season is expected to air sometime following year top top VH1 after it got delayed and also did no air this year due to production effects from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.