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Katherine Kelly Lang is well-known as an American actress. She is most famed for her role as Brooke Logan top top the popular soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

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Background and Age

Katherine Kelly Lang to be born and also raised in Hollywood, California. She is one of three children in an athletic and also show-business family. Her father is Olympic long-jump skier, Keith Wegeman. Her mommy is one actress, Judy Lang. Her grand was Academy Award-winning cinematographer, Charles Lang. Lang i graduated from Beverly Hills High school where she concentrated more on ending up being a jockey and training because that the Olympics than researching to be an actress.

Marriage, Husband, and also Kids

Katherine Kelly Lang has actually been married and divorced twice in she life. She was first married in 1989. Her marital relationship with Skott Snider, a movie director lasted just for 7 years. Her divorce through him was finalized in 1995. She had two youngsters with Snider. Her very first son, Jeremy Skott Snider born in 1990 and also her second son, Julian Lang Snider was born in 1992. Both the brothers action on The Bold and the Beautiful as Eric Forrester, Jr. And also Bridget Forrester.

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Lang obtained married come Alex D'Andrea in 1997. Alex carried in a daughter named Danyelle D'Andrea from his previous marriage. After gift married to Alex for 15 years, they separation in 2012. Since 2013, Katherine Kelly Lang to be seen v Dominique Zoida in various locations. She and also Dominique tried to store a short profile yet paparazzi still controlled to uncover them together.