Alec Baldwin is just one of the most prominent numbers in the to chat industry, and that"s not simply because of several of the headlines he"s make or the controversies that often surround him. It"s because he"s remained in the company for almost four decades and comes indigenous a household full of well known names, which encompass his brothers, Stephen Baldwin, william Baldwin, and also Daniel Baldwin. He"s likewise expanded his branch that the Baldwin family members tree through seven youngsters of his own: his daughter Ireland through his ex-wife Kim Basinger, and his six youngsters — Carmen, Leonardo, Eduardo, Lucia, Rafael and also Romeo — through his existing wife, Hilaria Baldwin. Speaking to The Guardian in an interview, Alec said that he renders his family his very first priority in his life. "There"s, like, a sacred part of the day between 5pm and 7pm, when we don"t do anything yet be through the kids. Feeding them. Bathe them. The takes time. There"s so countless of them... Which sounds insane, right? it is insane. Let"s challenge it. It"s insane," the said.

And while the Baldwins sure carry out command a most attention, there"s another Baldwin on tv that a lot of people cannot assist but wonder is pertained to the one and also only Alec: former CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin. After ~ all, they do share the same well known last name. Here"s what you need to know.

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On paper, it can not seem like Alec Baldwin and also Brooke Baldwin have a many in common, but they actually do. Both are well-known television characters in their corresponding fields. That, and also Brooke once participated in a "Saturday Night Live" skit v Alec and also Cecily solid to parody Donald Trump"s well known "Access Hollywood" tape, in i m sorry he to be heard do suggestive advancements towards women. Speaking to NBC News in an interview, Brooke likewise hinted that, just like Alec, she wasn"t lot of a fan of the former president. She said, "I was in the presidential motorcade, balancing on the back of this flatbed truck, together newly-elected president Trump"s winding his method down structure Avenue and going to the White residence for the an initial time. And listen, I"ll just be real with you: It was only an extremely recent come that date when we learned whereby President Trump liked to take women. And as a woman, as a journalist, ns was was standing there and I was troubled. Ns didn"t know what the next four years to be going to look like."

With the said, it shouldn"t come as a surprise to anyone the Alec and also Brooke are actually related, and not just due to the fact that they share the similar disdain for one person.

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According to Brooke Baldwin"s IMDb page, she"s a remote cousin that the Baldwin brothers, which of course contains Alec Baldwin. However the Baldwins space not the only famous cousins the share her very same bloodline. It also happens come be that she"s concerned actors Matt Bomer and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, too. Brooke has actually never really talked about her link to Alec or any type of of the other renowned names in her family members tree, and neither has Alec pointed out anything around the journalist. With that said, the actor did say one time that he wanted to hold the highest possible office of the land. The told Interview magazine in 1989, "I wanted to be president of the joined States. Ns really did. The older i get, the much less preposterous the idea seems." 

One have the right to only imagine what Brooke would have to say around a chairman Baldwin or if she would take part in a "Saturday Night Live" parody in ~ his expense — right?