Constructed in 1926, our Donald Ross designed golf course has stood the check of time and remains one of Rochester’s most an overwhelming and exciting golf courses. The beautiful golf & country club sits on 188 spectacularly scenic acres that encompass upland meadows, a meandering creek, ponds, and mature woodlands. The highly-maintained 18-hole championship golf course and also practice facilities surround a nostalgic clubhouse, an Olympic dimension swimming pool, fitness center, and spacious palatial grounds come be enjoyed by the entirety family.

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The Brook-Lea nation Club golf operation is committed to providing our Members and Guests with impressive service and offering a friendly and also enjoyable endure while utilizing the Club’s golf facilities.

Constructed in 1926, this Donald Ross draft golf course has actually stood the check of time and remains one of Rochester’s most challenging and enjoyable golf courses. The course arrays in length from just under 5,900 yards native the Red tees come 6,800 yards from the Blue tees.



More than just a location to gain golf, Brook-Lea country Club is among Rochester’s many comfortable and affordable clubs. The renovation come the society completed in the spring of 2000 has listed the membership a state-of-the-art entertainment hub.

The clubhouse offers one beautiful setting because that a variety of social and business to work in Rochester, NY. In enhancement to regularly scheduled members-only events, the clubhouse is easily accessible for a minimal number of non-member events of assorted sizes in one of four elegant rooms.



Our pool facility includes a wading area, hot tub, and also amenity building. The heated pool is competition length, v tiled lanes, Gunite surface, and new filtering and also pumping systems. Brook-Lea’s swimming facilities, consisted of of the Olympic size pool, hot tub and children wading pool, are easily accessible to every social and also golfing members in ~ no additional charge. Ours members gain cooling off in the water and gathering by the pool side for relaxation and conversation with friends.

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We attribute state-of-the-art devices for the year-round enjoyment of ours members. The fitness center is equipped v the recent in fitness tools from body Masters to assist you work-off the enjoyment you had in the Windsor Room or Dining Room. Bikes, treadmills, totally free weights, nautilus and also cardiovascular devices are available. Members are entitiled to use the basic 24 hrs a day because that 7 days a week.