Up FrontThe ‘thugs’ the stormed the Capitol just joined a lengthy list the othersNicol Turner LeeFriday, January 8, 2021
Now we know who the real thugs are, and also they are not just the ones that stormed the U.S. Capitol ~ above Jan. 6. Chairman Trump publicly condoned the use of the hatchet “thug” when he referenced black color Lives issue (BLM) activists whose disdain because that the an ext recent negligent and also unwarranted police shootings that Black civilization led them come protest. Regardless of seeking some redress and also accountability from law enforcement, Trump and also his administration have ignored and politicized their calls for police reform. He likewise regularly described them together thugs before and also after an incident where he plowed v BLM activists outside of the White home with the national Guard and also Bible in his hand to present his rebuke.

Nicol Turner Lee

Senior fellow - governance Studies

Director - center for modern technology Innovation


But the true “thugs” to be revealed during and after fervent Trump supporters and far-right, white supremacist, and also Neo-Nazis factions took over the U.S. Capitol.

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The thugs on that day were not just the rebellious, lawless, Confederate-flag-toting Trump supporters turned domestic terrorists who took over the building. They were directed by the top thugs—Donald J. Trump and also his co-agitators, Donald trump Jr. And also Rudy Giuliani, come wreak destruction on our democracy. The four-year trance that Trump’s misinformation around stolen elections, the rejection of COVID-19 as a public health and wellness threat, among other un-related digital conspiracy theories, led his pendant to storm the heart of official nationwide business, vandalize memorials, ransack personal offices, position pipe bombs near DNC and RNC headquarters, and also attempt to break into the conference chamber v force, leaving five human being dead when it was all over.

But top top this very same day, other people joined the perform of thugs, like a U.S. Capitol police officer that was tape-recorded taking selfies with insurgents, and another video appearing to display a soft breach the the defense gate, allowing hundreds of protestors to walk into federal property. The day complying with the incident, the Capitol police chief, and also two security police officers resigned in an answer to the criticism of your lax dealing with of the coup and the double standard treatment once confronting serene BLM protestors.

The day-of visuals that this untreated mob to be the greatest level of modern-day thuggery done by Americans. V one exception. Due to the fact that they were not Black, Latino, or indigenous American, there to be no visible arrests, riot gear, dogs, or batons till District the Columbia police stepped in come curb the melee and also make arrests. Trump’s thugs to be destroying and also trespassing on Capitol property. They were no fighting because that the inalienable best to vote, walk safely in their neighborhood without gift profiled through neighbors and the police, or have full availability to the civil liberties of citizenship mandated by the U.S. Constitution.

The decision by some Capitol police policemans to be much less confrontational prior to groups of angry, predominantly white mobsters that were trying come break right into the nation’s many important structure with members of congress inside showed the persistent irony that equitable therapy in the joined States. Angry black color Americans have actually been attacked, bullied, lynched, and killed by police for working out their civil rights, prefer attempting come vote, go into a public college building, or ride on a windy bus, beginning after slavery’s abolition.

The tasks that America and also the people witnessed walk not happen in a vacuum or overnight. Trump’s thugs reacted to the cumulative build-up of rhetoric indigenous a long list of more powerful thugs who have actually leaned greatly into Trump’s divisive and racist rhetoric end the last 4 years. A couple of of them room in Congress, prefer Trump-enablers Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and also Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), that refused come concede to their pronouncements of election fraud hours after a failed coup of congress orchestrated by their leader. There are Sens. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), lindsay Graham (R-S.C.), Roy dull (R-Mo.) and other Republican leaders who sided frequently with Trump’s insatiable appetite for power and also lack of empathy because that America’s more vulnerable populations, especially human being of color. Countless of this Republican legislators and management staff thwarted the appropriate and rapid solution to COVID-19, stalled shipment of the necessary economic relief come struggling citizens, fed into the project to invalidate the 2020 presidential election, blocked law for police reform, supported cuts to federal safety-net programs and universal health and wellness care, and also rejected proposals to remove Confederate monuments of slave owners and other oppressors who space the stimuli for present day right-wing aggression.

On the thug list are likewise non-elected officials, including some owner of expert sports teams who initially banned NFL football player from “taking a knee” in assistance of Colin Kaepernick’s demonstration of solidarity with initiatives to alleviate Black racism. Some CEOs of major corporations likewise make the list, specifically the leader who enhanced their contribute to the trump card campaign, despite his misleading claims and policy assaults on neighborhoods of color. Plenty of of these carriers would later on seek redemption after watching the reckless killing of George Floyd through a Minnesota police officer by contributing numerous dollars to racial equity organizations.

The negative apples in local law enforcement departments sign up with the list of thugs due to their lack of empathy because that the neighborhoods that castle serve, i beg your pardon for years have led to numerous shootings, murders, and home invasions, including the one that eliminated Breanna Taylor. Yet these deaths under trump were much more likely to walk unpunished due to the fact that of security police unions and the absence of federal regulation establishing more accountability in policing.

Let united state not forget those people throughout the nation, likewise known together the “Karens” or “Kens”, that have pertained to epitomize white privilege because they discover it acceptable to call the police top top Blacks walking, dining, shopping, smoking, talking, birdwatching, and also sometimes simply minding their very own business. Their explicit racism and also cowardice do them eligible for the thug list.

Finally, there space the nameless thugs who unconscious bias enabled them come sit silent and also numb come the trumped administration’s hardline immigration plans that be separate immigrant youngsters from their parents or refuse come wear confront masks also though minorities are more likely come get and die indigenous COVID-19.

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These space all the actual thugs. Some of them bring loaded guns and others spew loaded rhetoric under the security of white privilege.

Our society will always have a population of irreconcilables who carry out not respect the law and engage in intentional plot of malfeasance. However contrary come the skewed realities of Trump and his allies, not all thugs are civilization of color. In fact, the civilization who rushed the Capitol and also the people that added to Trump’s 4 years of vary come from all educational and also income levels. If some civilization can do the case that the coup to be reminiscent of the Civil battle period, ns would have tendency to disagree. Thankfully, Black human being have to be granted full citizenship because then, at the very least on paper. We just uncovered out the thugs room everywhere, and also white privilege enables for anonymity and validation.