There space some Hollywood mysteries that we may never obtain the prize to, and also one the them requires Ashton Kutcher and the so late Brittany Murphy. As the story goes, Kutcher and also Murphy very first hit it off on the set of their movie Just Married. ~ above the relax of the film in 2003, Kutcher revealed come People the two began out together friends, yet quickly became something lot more.

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"When us were doing the movie, we were just friends," said the Guess Who actor at the time. "We just kind of began hanging out more. And now we"ve been hanging out a many more." The actor"s mom also chimed in, comparing their off-screen connection with their on-screen one. "It"s like, "Are those two even acting?"" said Kutcher"s mother, Dianne Portwood. "They plot the same method here at home. They"re constantly holding hands, goofing around, wrestling approximately on the floor the method people in love do. It provides a mother happy to watch someone actually care for your child as lot as you do."

With dating rumors confirmed, things just escalated as fans began to wonder if Brittany Murphy and also Ashton Kutcher to be actually covertly engaged.

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As director of your joint film Just Married, Shawn Levy once confessed that actors Ashton Kutcher and also Brittany Murphy were "bouncing turn off each other, riffing, kidding around and laughing" from "the minute lock met."

As the Hollywood couple slowly stepped out on the step in the at an early stage 2000s, Kutcher and Murphy to be rumored to be engaged, v the couple wearing matching rings, follow to Bustle. Levy, who formerly gushed about the couple"s off-screen dynamic, denied the rumors revealing the ring were essentially a part of some publicity stunt because that the movie — yet were fans just being Punk"d? We may never know.

The celebrity pair reportedly split after just a couple of months (via Entertainment Tonight). ~ above Murphy"s tragic death in 2009, Kutcher told Nightline, "She was prefer the human who go in the room and also she was always the very first person come dance.

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You understand when you go to a party and everybody is stand around, and also the music is walking — and also you recognize sooner or later on everyone is going to dance. She was constantly the an initial person come dance." he added, "And i just shot to affix to that and celebrate who she was and how she was, and not make feeling of it, "cause over there is no sense of making sense of it."