BrittanyMurphy burst into Hollywood through a breakout duty in Cluelessin 1995. She followed that success up v a slew of other high-profile, includingco-starting alongside Angelina Jolie in Girl, Interrupted in 1999 and Eminemin 8 Mile. Shedated Ashton Kutcher and even starred alongside him in Just Marriedin 2003. On Dec. 20, 2009, Murphy fell down inside her home and also died at theyoung period of 32. Because then, fans and also her own family members have been browsing foranswers, but those answers appear to be allusive.

Murphy’s autopsy allege she died of pneumonia and also anemia

Murphy collapsed in she Hollywoodhome. Follow to People,the starlet had dealt with flu-like symptoms in the job leading up to her death.The coroner who oversaw Murphy’s autopsy claims the actress passed away as a result ofanemia and pneumonia, coupled v multiple medicine intoxication. Nobody of thedrugs found were illegal, though. They were a combination of prescription drugsand over-the-counter cold medicine.

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Brittany Murphy attends “Across The Hall” Los Angeles Premiere at Laemmle’s Music room 3 top top December 1, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo through Brian To/FilmMagic)

Murphy’s husband, SimonMonjack, spoke about his wife’s death just month after she pass away. Healleges that she to be being well taken care of once she died. Antibiotics,coupled v cough medicine, were intended to assist her fight turn off what to be assumedto be the flu, however that’s not what happened. Murphy, seemingly, didn’t have actually theflu, to begin with.

The coroner alleges the death waspreventable, claiming the if Murphy had seen a doctor sooner, she wouldn’thave succumbed to pneumoniaor, in ~ the really least, would have had a opportunity to fight turn off the bug. Herfamily, however, thinks something else, something much much more sinister happened. Murphy’ssister, father and brother have actually all spoken out about her death of the years.

Brittany Murphy’s husband died from the same reasons

According to the CDC, around 250,000cases the pneumonia are treated annually in hospital settings. The those 250,000cases, around 50,000 human being will die from the illness. If pneumonia isdangerous, it tends to be many harmful come those who room elderly, really young or thosewho have actually a jeopardized immune system. Murphy’s fatality from the condition at just 32-years-oldwas a rarity. The fact that she husband gave in to the same condition justseveral month after Murphy’s fatality is suspicious.

Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack | Chad Buchanan/Getty Images

The british filmmaker died in may 2010, simply months afterburying his wife. His autopsy revealed anemia and pneumonia, the exact same findingsfrom Murphy’s autopsy. Monjack, as with Murphy, to be on a slew that prescriptionmedications at the time of his death. According to ABCNews, number of sources began reporting that Murphy and Monjack’s deathswere connected to toxicity mold in their home. The room of windy Health, who investigatedthe claims, stated the mold did not play a duty in their deaths. In fact, no moldwas detect in their toxicology reports.

Still, though, the fatality of Murphy in ~ 32 and also Monjack in ~ 40strikes numerous as odd. Murphy’s father, Angelo Bertolotti, who died in January2019 at the period of 92, invested the last te of his life looking for answers.The grieving dad insisted Murphy was poisoned, and also he to be pointing the fingerat Murphy’s mother, Sharon Murphy. The elder Murphy resided in the residence withMurphy and Monjack at the moment of your deaths.

Rumors swirled the murphy to be addicted come painkillers, buther family members thinks she to be murdered

While rumors swirled that Murphy was dealing with an eating disorderand a prescription medicine habit once she died, her household insist the was no thecase. Murphy’s sister, Pia Jo Reynolds, satellite down through RadarOnline to talk about Murphy. In her an initial interview in years, Reynoldsclaims that Murphy was no addicted to drugs. Instead, she claimed the Cluelessstar was terrified the dying and also had combated anxiety because that years. She can’t imagineher sisters dabbling in drugs as soon as she encountered such crippling healthanxiety.

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Bertolotti had his own theories around Murphy’s death. Hebelieved Murphy to be poisoned, claiming hefty metals were found in highconcentrations throughout her autopsy. Bertolotti thought Monjack was to blameinitially, then later turned the finger top top Murphy’s mommy when Monjack died. Hesurmised that she was the just one poised to gain financially from the death ofthe pair.

Bertolotti passed away not understanding the truth of his daughter’sdeath, and also it appears the remainder of the world may never ever know. It’s feasible thatthe deaths the Murphy and also Monjack were a strikingly disastrous coincidence, yet it’salso feasible that something, even if it is nefarious or naturally-occurring, sped uptheir demises. Could the house have been the problem? the possible, yet by allaccounts, the tragic fatality of Murphy and also her husband were just that – tragicdeaths.