This rockstar has been married four times, for this reason here"s hoping this one sticks. Together fans might know, Tommy Lee has famously bound the knot to Elaine Starchuk, heather Locklear, Pamela Anderson (after only discovering each various other 96 hours), and also most recently, Brittany Furlan. If you believed a collection of divorces — and also several controversies neighboring those marriages — would prevent the Mötley Crüe drummer from taking another chance top top love, think again. Lee and Furlan just commemorated their one-year wedding anniversary top top Valentine"s job 2020.

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Furlan may not have as instantly recognizable that a name together Lee"s exes, however the former Vine star is still forging her own path v 2.5 million Instagram followers and a podcast come boot. Of course, another way that the 33-year-old stands the end from the 57-year-old"s past wives is your 24-year period gap. Yet still, Furlan doesn"t let it bother her. She think the civilization of her husband, telling Fox News in January 2019, "Tommy is really funny, he"s goofy, he"s my best friend."

As for any type of critics, she called the outlet, "I feel prefer I"ve lived a million lifetimes, and I simply don"t really treatment what castle say. It"s not around them — it"s no their life, girlfriend know? It"s mine life and also it"s my decision come be that I am and love that I love and to live mine life how I desire to live my life." so what"s going on in Furlan"s life anyway? Keep reading to find out.

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To quote Rihanna, Brittany Furlan and Tommy Lee "found love in a hopeless place" — on society media. Furlan recalled to Fox News just how her connection with Lee began. "We met online, however we knew around each various other for years," she explained. "He offered to watch my Vine videos — the was among my followers and also obviously, i loved his music... I didn"t listen to a bunch of Mötley Crüe, however I certainly liked techniques of Mayhem and I constantly thought he was super attractive. We just hit each various other up and also ended up going top top a couple dates and it was awesome."

According to Us Weekly, the rocker included her on Instagram and also the rest is history. Furlan told Hollywood Life in February 2020, "I mean, we began dating in 2017 and now the is 2020, the is like "Whoa whereby did the time go!" It certainly is really fast." also though castle tied the node on V-Day 2019, the net personality said the site, "I mean everyday is prefer Valentine"s Day. The is my best friend so everyday is yes, really fun."

When they did obtain married, Lee confirmed the news by posting a snapshot of their two pups dressed in a tux and a wedding dress, writing, "Holy sh**balls!!!! we did it!!!! grandfather & grandm Lee." Meanwhile, Furlan shared, "It"s official!!!! We"re married!!! ☺️❤️MR & mrs LEE YAHOOOOOOOO." That"s some serious enthusiasm right there.

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While Tommy Lee and also Brittany Furlan appear to have actually an upbeat, harmonious relationship, the same can"t be stated for all his exes. Lee and Pamela Anderson"s marriage weathered plenty of ups and also downs (including once Lee pleaded no contest to felony spousal battery in 1998 and was sentenced to six months in jail, every E! News). The pair split in "98, however share two kids together: Brandon and Dylan.

In in march 2018, Furlan dubbed the police after ~ an altercation in between Lee and also his kid Brandon left the musician through a busted lip. Brandon declared his dad was drunk and also the punch was in self-defense, if Anderson deemed Lee the "definition of narcissist/sociopath." Lee refuse Brandon"s account that what went down, per TMZ. Anderson also blamed Furlan, saying, "his fiancé keeps the drunk — this is what he wants — someone to behave badly with." 

After getting caught in the middle, Furlan told Fox News, "I literally obtained so upset around it since it was just so untrue and she"s never ever met me... She was just really angry around me native the beginning, so i knew it was just that she want to speak something bad around me." regardless of all that drama, she "would love to" type a partnership with Anderson, saying, "I simply hope that sooner or later everyone deserve to be cool and be friends and be quite to each other." just time will certainly tell.

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Before tik took end the internet, Vine to be the go-to source for short, funny videos. And no one knows that better than Brittany Furlan, that was Vine"s most renowned female star at one point, per Business Insider. (Since the application shut down, she"s do a few amusing tik videos that she"s common to IG.) Her net fame even earned her a spot together Paris Hilton in the 2018 documentary The American Meme.

Last year, Furlan started her own podcast dubbed Worst Firsts, i m sorry she defined as "a series I go on my YouTube channel where people would call me their worst an initial we"ve broadened it to worst an initial anything- Date, Job, Period, Ham Sandwich etc." she husband was the pod"s very first guest. As for the future, Furlan said Fox News. "I desire to do much more films. I simply love law films and I simply shot an elevation film critical year v a entirety bunch of cool people that i think will certainly be it is registered to Sundance this year. I"m also shooting a pilot right now, for this reason it"s all really cool... I"d like to continue to carry out what ns love." She recently appeared in the movie Spy Intervention, which is available top top digital.

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Essentially, Furlan"s star is only proceeding to rise, many thanks to her large personality and also penchant because that hilarious digital content. So keep an eye on her Instagram, wherein you"re also guaranteed come see constant cameos from Lee.