The actors reflects on Apple and also Summer Bunni"s contentious introduction and Kimberly"s reaction to Moniece and Apryl"s tour plans.

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Apple security time through a male she met in ~ a club and also tells him about her music and the drama with Summer Bunni.

After the performs, Micky Munday sits down v YoYo, Apple and Kurupt to talk about his look and his music.

The cast members provide their early impressions of Micky Munday and his absent star looks, disclose some of your personal history with him and offer sage advice.

Paris and Zellswag reaction to Apryl"s revelations that Moniece asked she to walk on tour and also K. Michelle wondered about her ties come Fizz.
Check you yourself - Season 6, illustration 3: Micky Munday Is an urban Rock Star & A1's mommy Tears into Him
The actors react come Micky Munday and also Apple Watts"s performance as well as A1 and his mom"s awkward ride home.
Lyrica is cynical to relocate forward as A1 confronts her about working the end their connection problems.
Lyrica Garrett offers difficult love once her daughter Lyrica transforms to her for advice about her relationship concerns with A1.
The actors reacts to Brittany B."s sit-down with Moniece and Apryl ahead of your tour as well as Booby"s attempt to obtain close to Apryl through Fizz.
Brittany B. Vents to Kimberly and also Jason Lee prior to performing at The Peppermint Club, and also A1 and Lyrica challenge Jason Lee for leaking the Summer Bunni video.
Tensions flare as Brittany B. Confronts Lyrica because that gossiping around her, and the situation escalates as soon as Lyrica argues Brittany B."s difficulty is really v her girlfriend Sia.
Zellswag and Paris are full of questions around Apryl and Fizz"s potential life arrangement, and also Apryl grills Zellswag around a picture she received.
The cast reacts to beam J and also Princess Love"s find party, complete with a psychic, for their missing dog Boogati.
The actors breaks under Apryl"s reaction to acquiring fired by Jason Lee and Lyrica"s impromptu decision to leave home after fighting through A1.
Princess arrives at the police station to choose up she dog Boogati, but she"s not sure if the guy who rotate the dog in is a good Samaritan or a scam artist.
Already angry around A1"s glib attitude, a livestream between Zell and Summer Bunni pushes Lyrica over the edge, prompting her to walk the end on her husband.
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Ice Cube, Nene Leakes, DC Young Fly, Tamar Braxton, beam J and an ext return ~ above a brand-new season of i know well Hop Squares beginning August 13.