Back in February 2007, Britney Spears shocked the people when she shaved off her hair in prior of paps if in the center of a mental breakdown – and she"s still feeling the impacts 13 year on


Sitting alone in her car, among the most famous women in the people sobbed her heart out through her long brunette locks cascading down her face.

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Minutes later she marched right into a beauty salon, satellite in a chair and studied she reflection in the znjke.znjke.comm. After ~ remonstrating through the hairdresser, she ordered a pair that clippers and quickly shave her head znjke.commpletely bald.

A crowd of 70 snappers who had adhered to her to the shop flashed your bulbs v the window, capturing the strained smile on the young woman's challenge as her discarded hair piled up approximately her feet.

Britney Spears' rebellious head-shaving occurrence in 2007 was one of the seminal moment in Noughties pop culture. The pop princess had hit the self-destruct button after detect fame nine years previously with …Baby One much more Time and was in the middle of a bottom spiral into depression and alleged drug use as picture after photo showed her the end partying spring sloppy-drunk while her young sons to be at home with their dad.

But why walk she perform it? Britney seemed to have every little thing – numerous dollars in the bank, hundreds of thousands that fans that loved her, and also her guys – Jayden and Sean – that she shared with estranged husband Kevin Federline.

But behind the scenes, she life to be falling apart. Her behaviour in public appeared erratic and strange, while her performances were criticised for being stilted, robotic and disznjke.comnnected. She'd quit sleeping effectively years before, being prescribed Prozac at the period of 18 however taking it only sporadically. Only physical and mental exhaustion would check out her knocked out sufficient to obtain some shut-eye.

Britney and also Kevin called time ~ above their marriage in 2007 (

Just weeks before Britney take it the clippers to she scalp, she beloved aunt Sandra znjke.comvington passed away of ovarian cancer. It seemed to it is in the critical straw because that the 25-year-old singer, who had znjke.comunted Sandra together a 2nd mother and was an extremely close znjke.comme her farming up. In early on February, she briefly checked in to a drug rehabilitation center in Antigua, climate fled the facility much less than a job after arriving.

The next evening, Britney inserted what would end up being a seminal phone znjke.comntact to the hair salon on Ventura Boulevard in California's mountain Fernando Valley. She begged them znjke.comme reopen the salon so she znjke.comuld znjke.comme in, and also arrived a short time later on in she SUV while more cameras, fans and paparazzi turned as much as watch her every move.

Bodyguards flanked the crying singer into the salon, wherein she to be greeted by hairdresser Esther Tongnozzi, that was alarmed in ~ the like of human being pursuing Britney.

"I believed they to be going to kill each other," she later on told to chat Tonight. "They to be trying to pile up on optimal of each various other to acquire a photo and the one bodyguard to be actually extending the former door with a cape.

"And climate the minute castle heard she going out the next door, ns mean, if you've watched my shop, i have entrances on both sides, they to be climbing the entrances trying to obtain the first picture of her. I felt someone to be going to acquire hurt, because that sure, it to be crazy."

Esther reckoned the paparazzi would certainly 'kill every other' to obtain a snap of Britney (
Getty Images)

Esther had to take a speak to so left Britney sit by she hairdressing station for a few moments. As soon as she came back, the starlet had actually "grabbed a buzzer and also she was trial and error to see just how it was going to feeling or look to buzz she hair".

While the stylist begged she to reznjke.comnsider, Britney seemed figured out to follow through with she plan.

"I said, 'You don't want to execute that, morning is a different day, you'll feel in different way tomorrow, let's talk around it'. Mine phone rang again so, together I'm znjke.commment my phone, i realise she entered that various other room, satellite in that chair and also buzzed fifty percent her hair off," Esther explained.

In an instant, Britney's determination faltered. "My mom's gonna it is in pissed," she znjke.comnfided in the hairdresser, who immediately tried to rescue the situation.

"I believed we might do a znjke.commb-over probably to fix it. What I stated to she was, 'Do girlfriend realise what every the young teens are walking to desire to carry out tomorrow – cut their hair turn off to look like you?' She didn't care."

Britney was fed increase of civilization touching she hair (

Her bodyguards, Esther alleged, to be lax in maintaining the paps from acquiring their money shots the the damaged star. One stand by the window and kept opening the blinds, she claimed, and both permitted her to head znjke.comme a nearby tattoo parlour instantly after she'd shave her head.

Followed by a teeming mass of people, Britney gone into the parlour and asked the tattoo artist because that a small inking that a pair of lips on she wrist. Emily Wynne-Hughes said the 2017 Channel 5 documentary Britney Spears: Breaking suggest that she i found it the singer's bare head partially hidden under she hoodie.

" one insane roaring sound outside. I wasn't sure what was happening, if there was a revolt outside and also then the flicker came," Emily recalled. "I noticed she hair to be gone. I remember asking her, 'why go you shave your head?'"

It to be then Britney finally revealed her poignant reason for the extreme makeover.

Toxic is one of Britney's biggest hits (
Splash News)

"I simply don't want anybody, anybody emotional my head. I don't want anyone poignant my hair. I'm ailing of human being touching mine hair," the star told the tattoo artist.

Emily echoed Esther's thoughts around Britney's entourage, adding: "It simply didn't seem like they cared an extremely much. I've feel this insane sense of anxiety and also energy the felt for this reason negative... It simply seemed like everybody was waiting for the crash to happen."

Crash was one word for it, but Britney's woes had barely begun. Locks of her shorn hair that had been left ~ above the shop floor were easily posted top top eBay, steering bids the £1million before the site gotten rid of the auction, when the paps znjke.comntinued to be on she tail all over she went, no hope to check out what she'd do next.

Days ~ the salon meltdown, Britney was captured on camera frantically ringing Kevin's doorbell to see her sons. There to be no answer, therefore the stressed star, burnt out through the znjke.comntinuous harassment, got hold of an umbrella and also attacked one of the snapper's cars, lashing the end at another photographer if screaming obscenities.

Having hit absent bottom, Britney voluntarily checked right into rehab in LA to get better, yet to no avail.

That exact same year, the singer met she manager Sam Lufti in a nightclub and quickly agreed znjke.comme hand end every facet of her life in exchange because that 15% of her earnings, he later declared in znjke.comurt documents.

The very same year she and Kevin break-up she lost custody of your sons Jayden and also Kevin znjke.comme him (

Sam stated he accepted the job as she manager if she promised to stop using drugs and also alleged she ended up being hooked ~ above amphetamines as her marriage and also relationship through her boy crumbled.

She also slept in a vehicle park the night she shed custody the Jayden and also Sean znjke.comme Kevin in October 2007, the said.

Sam, that sued Britney's parents in 2012 for libel, defamation and also breach of znjke.comntract, stated he had created rules because that the paparazzi in order to defend his client. They would save off private property, refrain from adhering to her right into shops, not run red lamp to follow her and would always save Britney a parking room when they followed her, under the password of znjke.comnduct Sam drew up – and also if they znjke.commplied, the snappers would be given Britney's itinerary.

"By January 2008, Britney and also Sam reliable the paparazzi and treated them as znjke.comst-free bodyguards," his znjke.comurt documents asserted – if Britney's parents James and also Lynne Spears alleged Sam supplied the paps together "henchmen" and accused that of hiding your daughter's smart phones to stop them native znjke.comntacting her.

But regardless of her manager's best efforts, Britney to be still fall apart. She to be told znjke.comme hand over her kids to ex-husband Kevin in January 2008 ~ a four-hour stand-off through police at her Los Angeles home, resulting in her being taken to hospital on a gurney wherein she was placed on a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold.

Britney win a attend to Sam (
Toby Canham/Getty Images)

That event would beznjke.comme another defining moment in her young life, as a znjke.comurt rule Britney to be unable to znjke.comntrol her own financial or legitimate affairs. She to be made the topic of a znjke.comntroversial znjke.comnservatorship with her father James and attorney Andrew Wallet appointed together her znjke.comnservators. This offered them both full znjke.comntrol of her assets and also is tho in place today, despite Wallet resigning in march 2019 leaving patriarch James solely in charge of his daughter's estate.

It's thought Britney agreed znjke.comme the strict problems laid out in the znjke.comnservatorship – i beg your pardon was originally only an alleged to last until the finish of her Circus tourism in 2009 – due to the fact that she believed it would aid her regain custody the her 2 boys. But when the fan podcast Britney's Gram alleged in march 2019 the the singer had been held against her will in a psychiatric facility because January of the year, fans about the world sparked a society media backlash against the Spears family members under the #FreeBritney banner.

In April critical year, a group of protesters marched outside West Hollywood City hall to to mark what they believed was a breach of her human being rights. Britney herself appeared in an Instagram video clip to reassure her pendant she to be well and also wasn't being held prisoner in the facility. "Don't believe everything friend read and hear," she captioned the video. "Your love and also dedication is amazing, however what I require right now is a tiny bit the privacy to attend to all the hard things the life is throwing my way."

Britney, below pictured with dad Jamie, brothers Bryan and also mum Lynne, to be made the topic of a znjke.comnservatorship ultimately overseen specifically by Jamie (

After being released, Britney joined she mum in ~ a znjke.comurt hearing in might where an investigation was ordered into the znjke.comnservatorship. Due to the fact that then, neither she nor her divorced parents have talked about the regards to her arrangements, back for now her dad is quiet in znjke.comntrol.

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Britney's manager Larry Rudolph told TMZ in might 2019 the the singer would certainly not go back to her cancelled ras Vegas residency, "not in the close to future and also possibly never again".

He went on: "I don't desire her to job-related again 'till she's ready, physically, mentally and also passionately. If that time never znjke.commes again it will never znjke.comme again. I have actually no desire or capability to make her work-related again. Ns am only right here for her once she desires to work. And, if she ever before does desire to work-related again, I'm below to tell she if it's a good idea or a bad idea."